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Video : Bashar about Chemtrails
Published on July 20, 2013 – 5:09 am

Bashar channeling :

This is from April 17, 2013.

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. fear.based.theory´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. Did someone knows(have heard) if Bashar is able to´╗┐ teleport´╗┐ himself?

  3. what the h*** is that blue light at´╗┐ 1:54???

  4. chemtrails´╗┐ are simply there to poison us period!

  5. alien f***s?´╗┐

  6. b*******´╗┐

  7. its called´╗┐ the wind

  8. why did he glue´╗┐ his fingers together?

  9. This is bacuase of´╗┐ the depopulation agenda…. TOXIC Quemicals

  10. so why some aircrafts dont have any chemtrails´╗┐ others dissipate quikcly and then others take long time to dissipate?

  11. Orgonite with gold flakes in it would be a very effective way to spread positive energy’s plus the vibration of the gold around the environment. Orgonite consists basically of crystals, metal shavings, held in a resin matrix that you make in a m***in pan. Research it and empower yourself to disable cell´╗┐ phone towers as well as trans***ing chemtrails

  12. IF we were made in their “Image”, then surely we will´╗┐ make the same mistakes.

  13. Sounds like the ancient story of´╗┐ the Anunnaki.

  14. Try to learn some reality about atmospheric science before falling for hoaxes´╗┐ spread by unscrupulous sheisters like Michael J Murphy


  15. Here’s´╗┐ a start. contrailscienceDOTcom/what-in-the-world-are-they-spraying/ metabunkDOTorg/threads/137-Shasta-Snow-and-Water-Aluminum-Tests metabunkDOTorg/threads/154-The-Claims-of-Francis-Mangels-a-Factual-Examination

  16. I was specifically referring to “what in the world are they spraying”. The claims made in that film are WRONG . They have been proven to be WRONG. The film claims contrails cannot persist. That is WRONG. It claims high levels of AL are found in tests featured in the film. That´╗┐ is WRONG. They sampled dirt , not water, and slush, not snow. It claims only a small number of planes should fly over Mt Shasta. That is WRONG there are 113 scheduled daily flights. I can detail the points.

  17. The word ‘debunked’ is thrown around far too much, often it becomes a scapegoat for people unwilling to change their beliefs. Practically anything that has any degree of controversy´╗┐ has hoards of people claiming to have debunked it, even if it is true. So searching google like that isn’t going to get you a very balanced perspective.