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Video : Bashar – Dark and Light Side
Published on July 28, 2013 – 11:12 pm

Bashar channeling :

How to go from 0 to 00 per month.. This is a clip from -The span 2010 – 2015 for more visit
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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. come to the dark side we have cookies


  3. you make me sick i bet you have no life….just waiting and waiting for a new bashar clip to spam your s***.

    aliens hate you

  4. you are welcome 🙂 incredible indeed 🙂

  5. i feel it may be my role in these times, there will be a need for people like myself i hope so, who just want to train in extreme survival and military or combat to be extremely safe for anything just because you don’t trust the world you live in.. at this point being quite powerful. its good to be able to do more, freely more boldly in times of need..

  6. surpass with an aggressive behavior.. i wonder if my anger is as valid as i think it is… if its alright to chose a story with revenge… only revenge that millions to billions would agree on, i know..
    but uknow what im pretty sure its all good actually, if i really think about it.. i don’t mind in a world of duality to be a little mean sometimes.. like i was an extremely like extremely good fighter my whole life when im really quiet and calm, but i like chanel a lethal killer if i need to so>

  7. yes i listen to all of his stuff i understand.. its just i respect my old frustrations because they were valid.. i am reminded over and over like i should remember.. all the dark in the world.. im not wired like people here so this is why, when im reminded of how much i don’t have, and how much miscommunication goes on with almost everyone i encounter.. and how much i can do when i don’t seem to reach it… well it is valid.. and i feel i use this anger to exercise my talents as much as i can to

  8. If I may?
    It’s not complicated. The past, anger, frustration, anxiety… STOP. DROP IT. WALK AWAY. Bashar says “the reason baggage is so heavy is because it doesn’t belong to you”
    You are here, and there is a path in front of you. if you are excited to get down that path easily then you need to leave the baggage behind so you can focus on enjoying the journey ahead, instead of carrying all that unnecessary weight. history is slowing you down
    I hope in some way that helps you. good luck to you!

  9. The deeper I delve into all of this the more I find: It’s actually the people who follow religion that create the boundaries. Christianity and the bible are not nearly as condemning as the people who follow it. It can open the door for some people to experience everything this world has to offer. I was not one of those people(catholic school drop out). I’d rather believe in multiple possibilies, rather than close doors on religions, or allow religion to close doors for me. Enjoy the Ride 😉

  10. exactly….Avoid that TV first, its what our govts wants us to do and be slaves to them and buy them.

  11. And to you good day….im open to most things spiritual and metaphysical as long as it doesnt have boundaries like religion. Interesting.

  12. h***o Pendaz11,

    To understand the world and think what can you do to help it to progress…

  13. I can’t stop watching his videos. so incredible. thanks for uploading.

  14. i am a hybrid