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Video : Bashar Darryl Anka On TV Inward Bound _ Full Movie : Bashar channeling
Published on April 14, 2013 – 11:22 pm

Bashar channeling :

Bashar (Darryl Anka) on a local television show in San Diego called Inward Bound, 1987 that was the last time that The Media Had given attention to Bashar ET…
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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. okay. i just stumbled upon this through some random world wide web digging. I absolutely don’t know what to think yet. But this is fucking awesome, regardless of the absurdity on the surface. I LOVE THE INTERNET

  2. This was 26 years ago and his way of talking has not change! For me this is the proof of genuinety of it, together with the message.

  3. Bashar is aweome as we are! Thanks Daryl and Bashar!
    Much Love to you


  5. I see a message more of freedom than followership. What do you think he would have to say about the idea of religion? Alos, there is no way he is your law because he never tells you to do anything. A sport player cannot play his game effectively by the comments of the announcer.

  6. where can i find it?

  7. No, that is true skepticism, which is very rare indeed.

  8. The concept works I’ve done it myself! Want something, desire it, imagine it possible and then let it go with a memory of you wanted it before and now not immediate in your focus you will get it when you need it! Usually after you have let go of the idea and on the verge of searching for new idea related too but you are able to let your thoughts of replacement wait like a blank chalkboard and continue on your here and now attitude it then manifests! This is just what happened to me when I wante

  9. That’s a great question. I have wondered the same thing. I found a answer to it should you choose to consider it. From what I have learned since Bashar is in a higher dimension he has access to more consciousness and can split his personality into multiple parts. Meaning he can be talking to his peers or siblings on his planet while also being channeling through darryl. He does not need to sit and meditate to send thoughts

  10. I want to but no luck finding it so far

  11. Einstein must’ve been right because none of us skeptics have any access to the events Darryl Anka is describing. Nor can we investigate what he may have possibly edited or missed out. Therefore, how can we skeptics possibly investigate the events he dictates as truth? Those skeptical are not fully condemning what he is describing, simply suspending our judgement. That is not ignorance.

  12. every living being on this planet has human AND extraterrestrial origins,

    Oh birds, you should- each one- crowned with “gold”–
    the audience could be the stars and me–
    your exhales emit such a melody–
    that I listen slow, appreciatively.

    As notes crawl through my ears
    and my heart steers, toward curiosity–
    rather than the past, or what’s to be–
    I hear tweets forever, instantly–
    as I watch you scold…insanity!
    By, Bobby Laird-Copyright 2012 – wonderponder com

  14. Bashar al-Assad….lol

  15. See Bashar LIVE at the Cosmic Reunion 2012 Event on November 24th 2012! PortalToAscension (dot) org


  17. youre right he does have to be in our reality for us to experience and interact with him and the reason he can “tune in to him” on will is because bashar agreed to be available at a preconcieved time just like Darryl Anka agreed to be at a “meeting place” at a preconcieved, agreed upon time

  18. Yes I know the concept, but that concept doesn’t explain why the alien are still available whenever this guy wants access to him/her because no matter how you twist and turn the alien will have to exist physically, meaning within time, connecting the current time of Darryl Anka to the current time of the alien. If the alien would not exist in a physical universe then your statement would be valid, however now it is not.

  19. Has anyone EVER debunked Mr Anka/Bashar?? …because I can’t see that being easily done!

  20. Have you not heard of the concept of time as an illusion? Some of our own physicists have made the same statement about time being an illusion. Just because YOU have trouble trying to wrap your head around this fairly simple concept does not mean that others can’t.

  21. “We” is (the new!) “I”.