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Video : Bashar – Death | Astral Spirit Realm : Bashar channeling
Published on April 28, 2013 – 2:12 am

Bashar channeling :

Facebook page: On the spirit level, there is no barrier of space and time. Someone’s death may appear to be a separation, …

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. I’ll probably make even more sense when you hear him explain it to lol.You’ll come across those clips eventually I’m sure. Good day to you!

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I could find no logical explanation for that before you mentioned it. 🙂

  3. WOOOOOOOP!!!!

  4. It’s a real accent change. He’s talked about it in a handful of videos, not many. Darryl says that it’s his interpretation/translation of the energy he’s receiving. He says that perhaps it’s so foreign that he sort of unconsciously relays it with a foreign accent because the energy etc…is being interpreted as foreign. He also says that it’s got several layers to it which are interpreted by Darryl as drawn out words or teeth clicking etc…that are absorbed by listeners. Interesting…

  5. hee hee I know! I lol’d too when I heard him say it! I haven’t remembered to try it while lucid in a dream though. Oh and his name is Dr Stephen LaBerge. He has lectures here on YT & a website lucidity dot com if you’re interested.

  6. lol

  7. Why does the accent change from video to video? Is it just a youtube thing or is it a real change of accent?

  8. Yeah I was trying for quite a few days to have an astral projection. All I needed was to go into a more comfortable position, so I bent my right arm and put it near my head and bent my left leg. That way I felt much more comfortable after keeping my limbs straight for so long. Then boom it somewhat worked.

  9. wow..interesting! sounds like it was fairly easy for you.Thanks for sharing!

  10. …continued once I entered the ‘dreamworld’ as I like to call it, I said okay I might beable to travel anywhere, so I said Mecca and a greyish cube appeared before me, I couldn’t really see anything clearly. I then said okay I want to know where the anti-Christ or Dajjal is located, then suddenly a very horrifying face appeared, a man greyish skin, one eye, I panicked and started punching the screen in which I saw the face in my dream and suddenly woke-up. But I couldn’t move my body for a sec.

  11. I watched a few videos on how to astrally project. Basically all I did was stay completely still in my bed until my body went numb and into sleep mode whilst still awake. For a long time I had my arms and legs stretched straight and I couldn’t stay still any longer, so I bent one arm and one leg into a more comfortable position. Suddenly after a while I found my body feeling electric and I felt myself floating but couldn’t see because my room was pitch black.
    I kinda panicked went into a dream

  12. i’m curious…what method did you use?

  13. have you tried spinning around in your dream when you felt the dream begin to collapse? I heard lectures from a n expert who said that worked for him. clapping his hands was another. funny!

  14. I usually panic too when I start to project consciously. It’s like the egos fear of letting go or something. Definetly something I need to work on.

  15. Nice, I’ll try and practice some more, but first just gotta pass some uni exams next week and then I fully focus on astral projection again, I kinda enjoyed the sudden electric experience of outer-body experience lol 😀

  16. Yes, there’s been many times since I’ve realised I’m dreaming and I try and control the dream. But sometimes the dream collapses and I wake-up lol
    I’ll practice some astral projection soon after I finish my exams, I nearly succeeded but panicked when I felt myself floating and felt all electric 🙂

  17. At first, it can be hard but when you really tap into it, it is as easy as breathing 🙂

  18. d***, after trying for weeks I finally astrally projected, I kinda panicked and it ended quite quickly. And after I opened my eyes but couldn’t move for a few seconds lol
    After that I haven’t had any other out-body experiences yet mainly because I stopped trying.
    Hopefully I’ll try again after my exams next week and try and master this, it was quite an incredible experience 🙂

  19. Yup. The tingling electric sensation is when your astral body starts to raise its own vibration. When it is high enough, you can go out of body. Congrats 😀

  20. I once had an outer-body experience, it was very frightening I felt myself floating horizontally slowly upward in my dark room, and my body felt electric or something.

  21. Lucid dreaming is the key.

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