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Video : Bashar -Diplomatic Channels advising the Extraterrestrial Disclosure & Contact process
Published on July 6, 2013 – 4:01 am

Bashar channeling :

Bashar -Diplomatic Channels advising the Extraterrestrial Disclosure & Contact process

Consider these diplomatic channels as dialogues supporting our human psychic evolution preparing humanity for full ‘Contact’ with highly tel-empathic beings….

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. The Association of Worlds of which we will become a member after we grow up a bit lol. They are a local group of civilizations that share our common technological theme, mostly humanoid.

  2. ETs are NOT benevolent. They are NOT evil. They’re not even spiritually advanced
    compared to us. They are technologically advanced. They are here for their own
    reasons. Not to help. All Beings (Humans included) have ‘inner Knowledge’.
    It is your conscience. Trust it.
    AlliesofHumanity[DOT]org OR SEARCH:

  3. I love Bashar. He is one of my four favorite channelers. Him, Adronis, Treb, and Ishuwa. I was just getting Ready to buy tickets to Bashar’s event. BUT I FOUND OUT THAT THE OTHER THREE ARE ON ONE TICKET FOR 15$ :-O I was so amazed by this. For all who want a 5 Hour show for 15$. Look up “April 14th as Awakening Truth Worldwide and ConsciousMatrix. com bring you the third Contact Assembly Online Event.”and the first video you see, is it. It has links for signing up. I will be there.SO EXITED !

  4. yes it make sense what he says in uk where im from we have the royal family,they are the biggest greedy people that is bankrupting the country we have to give them so much money to keep them.which is so unfair many people are starving here and no jobs going on,yet the queen doesnt say me and my family we wont take any money from all of u for the next 5yrs but instead she keep filling her coffers.people has to realise that they are equals to all human being they are not superior than any one else

  5. As Bashar once said, if there were only one way there would only be one person. Look around.

  6. LAW OF ONE!!!

  7. My question, who or what put earth under quarantine?

  8. Thank you for all your assistance. I am ready.  come visit brothers!

  9. Bashar lives in Essasani 🙂 But mainly in his ship above Sedona 🙂
    They are not grey, they are white like paper 🙂

  10. Beware of this Abranib. He is a religious/enlightenment hater, see his feed and cut and past troll activities. Notice how many women he attacks. He’s a corrupted christian religion (nothing to do with the teachings of Christ) serbian mass rapist and war criminal hiding in Marseille making a living from sordid friendship acts. Even his Karma is contaminated and he hates people who see him for what he is a murdering lowlife coward.

  11. the intensity/directness coupled with the facial expression of darryl not matching it very ‘vibrantly’… creates that idea – it’s merely meant as inspiring intensity, not an intimidating one.. 😉 so you’re right.. haha. but again, the voicing is just for clarity.. and that point around 4:28 where he gets very loud is just out of the sheer importance of how huge that is for us at this point… that realization. like a father figure. 😛

  12. hehe 🙂 if this is your first view.. .bashar takes a while to come to connect with the energy the way it is meant — he is simply very “sharp in pronounciation” and doesn’t get very emotional; mostly just delivers ideas in logic. but the way he says those things is only really just so they’re conveyed with clarity. they have nothing but love for us : P — at 4:30 it’s merely “SUPERIMPORTANCE” – imagine from their point of view, how crucial this point is to make… it’s the crux to our progress.

  13. Before anyone pays any attention to this abranib character you should read his feed. Beside advocating the beating of women he is a ex-Serbian soldier, a war criminal who butchered women and children in the Balkan’s wars and then fled to Marseille he claims where he is involved in the friendship trade. Check out the Feed and posts of this vile sub human. He speaks of holy guidance, beware the evil in this man.

  14. Yeah. Sometimes I think “d***, Bashar! kind of rude” …. but thats one of the things that makes him so awesome 😀

  15. Do you have a better answer?
    because “All that is God is within” seems to be pretty accurate based on my opinion

  16. I like and agree