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Video : Bashar – Dreaming : Bashar channeling
Published on May 27, 2013 – 8:12 pm

Bashar channeling :

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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. Wooo. You’re right. he combined “dreaming” with “raving”. probably because he was thinking of what to say next. I’ve seen A LOT of Bashar clips. This is the first blatant fuck up. He smooths right past it like a pro.

  2. Yes I heard it too 🙂 I don’t care whether Darryl is potential fraud or not. Not saying he is, but the information is most fascinating 🙂

  3. Nice :). Bashar is awesome.

  4. that guy walked up to the mic and channeled something himself, haha powerful

  5. that guy walked up to the mike and channeled something himself, haha powerful

  6. Love these. Any direction for any other like channels, I’m all ears.

  7. Soo This Is Why I Rarely Feel Tired!!!
    Loved Every Second Of It!!!!
    Ok, I Gotta Go And Dream In My Waking State A Lil’ 😀

  8. Ho etherealmist : ) How funny! I just tried the link I gave again and it took me to the vid….weird! The title is 11-11-11 Gateway to 2012 Event Bashar’s Birthday Tribute. Hope that helps! Oh yes and it begins at 2:45

  9. what was the topic of the video Bashar was talking about when the floor shook?? I couldn’t find it, when I looked it up it took me to jewelry….so maybe I can find it with the title???thanks

  10. i would love to see a discussion between david ike and bashar because of what bashar explains how we create our own reality and what we believe determins what our reality becomes and what the reptilians really are just so i can see if what david ike information he is spreading across the globe could be putting unesessary fear of belief that reptilians are controlling the world could be impacting how peoples own realities play out in there life

  11. I love myself to be a scorpio on this planet is an honor.

  12. keep it up 🙂 you are in for a transformation of perceptions

  13. I came here to call him a crank…but the dude makes sooo much sense…and he isn’t a bad guy 🙂

  14. Everyone here is dreaming. Ha!

  15. Send me a link please?


  17. 1:18…..dreaving? did mr. anka slip up?

  18. here’s the link Wendie was telling you about where the floor shakes /watch?v=-aLl2vH2dco
    it begins at 2:45 and Bashar wasn’t shaking the floor, it was an earthquake which is annotated by Bashar Communications : )