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Video : Bashar – Human DNA : Bashar channeling
Published on July 21, 2013 – 6:00 pm

Bashar channeling :

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, answers the questions: “The human DNA is a blending of how many extra terrestrial races?” and “Who are these races?”.

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. They are of a higher concioussness. And Expierence is the universal language. There is no need for words to understand what the pheonix symbolizes

  2. I thought we had reptilian DNA also?

  3. you will.

  4. Phoenix symbolizes also death and rebirth, which is where eternity arises.

  5. Just for clarification, we are actually not in the body. In this sense this comparison is inaccurate. The body is in us, as are all our embodiments happening simultaneously. We are one with the ET’s and they are one with us. We are the One creating the experience of the One.

  6. I wish I could physically meet up with some other humaniod beings and space brothers.

  7. I got chills when he said, “what does the phoenix symbolize?” CRAZY! And very exciting! (:

  8. I added this to my playlist called Bashar and Treb- greatest alien channelers… and I also subscribed, ty so much for sharing this !

  9. Another important point – we are not our bodies. All this discussion of DNA is about the body we wear – in effect, our car. We were NOT created by ETs – our cars were modified by them - not us. We are the Light Beings, the essence.

  10. love the visual

  11. how do aliens know that the place is called phoenix?

  12. gosh Alex Collier said 23 ,and now who’s telling the real truth? why contradiction? just like the god d*** bible ! but anyway, Bashar is great. great teachings

  13. are you saying you are not from this world?

  14. I m a Future Reincarnation of Annunaki Named Marduk And Cyrus The Great , and its a honor to be here on planet earth on dish age of Time, in my new Body!
    My Unconditional Love And Light To You All Children Of The Universe (-_*_-)

    Lets Stand Up And Unite in Love And Connect in to Our Hearts To Create Heaven On Planet Earth! Its time To take Our power Back wordwide !!

  15. Yes but how weve evolved into this vast expansive universe of life and wonder and creation is very interesting, so to me its not moot 🙂 Peace friend

  16. yes thats definately a good point at the end of the day we are all parts of the whole

  17. It does makes sence indeed, but when he talked like ”our family’s” – the first thing
    on my mind are the Nordics.. Blue hair – Blue eyes people from where-ever they come from !!! Amazing!!!! I love to call them Family instead of ”Aliens” because they are not foreign to us. In my eyes – We are Them. Not the otherway around.

  18. I agree. I use to be scared of 2012, but the next 15 and so on years I will welcome with open arms.

  19. lol the future will be exciting 🙂

  20. Interesting!!!

  21. point(s) of origin are really moot aren’t they, since we incarnate everywhere and exist in every moment. we really are all one 🙂

  22. In appreciation.

  23. thanks for sharing!