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Video : BASHAR on ASCENSION and the NWO
Published on July 8, 2013 – 7:01 am

Bashar channeling :

Put to some cool music, Daryl Anka (channel for Bashar) explains how to use Quantum Physics and Metaphysics to defeat the New World Order. Even if you do not…

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. great video, well put together with´╗┐ the music ­čÖé

  2. why would you have music on when someone´╗┐ is talking !??

  3. The music is´╗┐ awesome! Keeps me more into Bashar!

  4. Its really annoying this sounds. very destructive. my pup ‘s sleep is totally edgy now.
    you project this´╗┐ to collect back negative energy only…You must know it already.
    many here are same, very negative feeling is received never the less your intention….. I am sorry to say..

  5. Kill´╗┐ the music please, Namaste

  6. I believe thinking Americans should resist the tyrrany in a peaceful way: exchange goods and work amongst themselves, live by themselves. Do not take debt nor buy unnecessary goods.
    A revelotion would be the last resort. See how the gov. is preparing itself for a civil´╗┐ war. See the armed vehicles with loopholes, here on YT.

  7. The concept of “Evil” is quite a difficult topic! Believe it or not, but many “Evil” persons actually believe theyr doing good! We gotto co-op over the borders to do something about our corrupt and dangerous politicians! In the US many people are ready to pick up arms against the government and as a veteran my self I briefly thought of the same! But in doings so the earth would turn into an even worse “slaughter-house”, and violence is never the answer.We who are awakened is´╗┐ obligated to do..?

  8. Ive revived telepathic, extensive information about the Pleiadian civilization! I thought Ive gone mad at first but now I realize that its real! Ive identified as a Starseed due to my many paranormal and ET experiences as a child. But people have starting to receive telepathic messages from Andromedans and Pleiadians in great numbers! We are finally ready to make contact I think? Pleiadians, Andromedans and others contact the regular people since they realize our governments are corrupt! ´╗┐

  9. No offence towards Americans, but there seem to be a long lasting trend of “Hollywoodsation” or what you prefer to call it of the news, radio etc! Exciting music and stuff´╗┐ doesnt do it more interesting!

  10. Another´╗┐ great video ruined by background music.

  11. We are being Prepared for Humanity’s introduction to the Greater Community.
    We have´╗┐ recently gained attention throughout our POPULATED area of the Galaxy with

    our Nukes and Resources. Physical ET visitors are here to exploit our world!
    All Beings (Humans included) have ‘inner Knowledge’.
    It is your conscience. Intuition.
    AlliesofHumanity[DOT]org OR SEARCH:

  12. Why do you need to´╗┐ cover up what is being said with your favorite music?

  13. I LoVE Bashar so so much, He is´╗┐ one of my four favorite channelers. The others are Adronis, Treb, Ishua.well the other three are doing a show on April 14th 2013. I am going there. It is called ” The Contact Assembly: Access The Matrix ” I will be there. It is 1/20th of a Bashar ticket and also 5 hours LONG ! I am so so exited. I will be there.

  14. Music´╗┐ is very distracting. Prevents focussing on what he is saying.

  15. the music was´╗┐ a real nice touch for me! i listened through headphones. great talk

  16. I don’t get (most of) it because of loud music, with´╗┐ my crappy speakers. Well, maybe language barrier affects too. I’m truly amazed that people continue to do this. Silent music is ok of course, if one happens to like it.
    There should be the law, so intergrated in reality, that it totally prevents adding cool backround music to videos which importance level is more than 80 points. Really.