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Video : Bashar – Personality Integration Meditation : Bashar channeling
Published on July 4, 2013 – 1:01 am

Bashar channeling :

A guided meditation on Personality Integration with Bashar, channeled by Derryl Anka. Relax and let all your concerns and worries fade away… Remember that …
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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. Love Bashar, but the music kind of drown out his words. Also loved the Holotope visual!

  2. This was nice.

  3. I think that by adding the music you help us to concentrate on the meditation. If we are truly ‘in the zone’ so to speak, we wont hear the music and during the meditation, you could capture the feeling of Joy that Base2Crown experienced when he put the video together. Good Job

  4. Terrible music really spoiled my experience,please remove it! Nice visuals tho!

  5. This is a much nicer rendering of the holotope – I saw another one that was really lopsided and annoying. Great meditation, would be even better without the music.

  6. This made me cry..twice…so humbling.

  7. I wonder what does he meant towards the end… When he said, & at that moment you will act, ACT! ACT! as you wish! ??? If you understand, could you explain.. please?

  8. please make one vid without the chinese restaurant music

  9. Wow. This meditation is powerful!

  10. Why is it that the people who insist on putting music over Bashar have the music be louder than he is, so that the meditation is useless?

  11. …so that’s how that is…

  12. Thank you Bashar, I love you

  13. Bashar – Appreciate Existence! You Exist!


    feel how good it is to be here!

  14. Love this!

  15. This is wonderful! I am so grateful!

  16. thank you

  17. L love it thank you for posting