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Video : Bashar – Secret of Visualization
Published on April 26, 2013 – 8:02 am

Bashar channeling :

Bashar - Secret of Visualization

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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. and you god day!

  2. OMG What a hack!!

  3. tank you, bashar

  4. Yup..welcome to the experience known as Bashar. It’s a vibrant ride =)

  5. Yes. Thank you. I worked hard on that 🙂

  6. Very clever, sir.

  7. I love Bashar. He is one of my four favorite channelers. Him, Adronis, Treb, and Ishuwa. I was just getting Ready to buy tickets to Bashar’s event. BUT I FOUND OUT THAT THE OTHER THREE ARE ON ONE TICKET FOR 15$ :-O I was so amazed by this. For all who want a 5 Hour show for 15$. Look up ” April 14th as Awakening Truth Worldwide and ConsciousMatrix. com bring you the third Contact Assembly Online Event.” and the first video you see, is it. It has links for signing up. I will be there. SO EXITED !

  8. he looks also like from another planet..he is fantastic..

  9. Did you?

  10. “I understand that.”

    No you didn’t.

  11. Bashar is my favorite, he is a great communicator of these higher concepts so little understood on earth.

  12. I am so happy you are sharing this with us who live outside USA. I would love to be there live.. I just love Bashar. Thank you!

  13. It’s really sharp & clever and compressed what he says
    yet don’t forget that this is a mere facet of the vast variety of spiritual positions which in its balance lead to an enlightened neutrality.
    In chinese medicine his energy is called the etheric soul, the Hun(dream world), and there are 4 more spiritual aspects like the Po (corporeal), Shen (Fire), Zhi (Wll), Yi(contemplation).
    Great prophetic words as long as Daryl Anka’s Bashar-alter-ego is not turned into another religious leader.

  14. You’re absolutly right!
    He also helped me, through his wisdom to transform my whole life.
    Love and Light to you 😉