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Video : Best Meditation Music .. Oliver Shanti Vol. I
Published on May 21, 2013 – 3:09 am

Meditation Music :

Oliver Shanti Vol I 1) Queen if blossoms 2) Fairy by the moonlight 3) Spring tea ceremony 4) Bi-Luo-Chun tea ceremony 5) The unwordly beauty 6) Tie-Luo-Han 7…
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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. é nesse momento q me transporto pra outros lugares,onde não preciso me preocupar com mais nada,só sentir a musica….

  2. Is the images move or I meditadet too much

  3. awesome, lovely ♥

  4. this + naturesoundsfor. me/Tropic-House-In-Rain = pure tranquility

  5. What a will of a stunning photo. It is like a painting that one by one has been completed. It seems a nice journey just to look. You can now look forward to full screen, night, and to the journey along with the music while drinking quietly one person. Thank you.

  6. I shared and listened… (Y) GRAT, very nice!

  7. Peace from America 🙂

  8. So many pictures, a big project… Thanks

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. Been having great meditation sessions listening to this music. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Perfeito ! Nos deixa mais leve e calma. Obrigada YSF1 !

  11. J’aime trop ton commentaire! 😀

  12. just for your souls:
    Oliver Shanti (born Ulrich Schulz 16 November 1948 in Hamburg, Germany), also known as Oliver Serano-Alve, is a New Age musician, best known for his work with the bands “Inkarnation” and “Oliver Shanti & Friends”.

    As of 2009, Shanti is serving a 7-year prison term in Germany having been convicted on charged with 314 cases of child abuse.

    Best wishes with your meditation …………..

  13. I used this for my A levels

  14. Linda música! Obrigado por compartilhar!

  15. Ótima musica relaxante,gostei.

  16. Lovvvvv  this tuneeeeeeeeeee

  17. Love it :))) Very good

  18. Thank, realy ist good song, its song need for the people,

  19. einfach geile mucke