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Video : Better View : Adonis Stevenson Vs Don da Bomb George, KO – Round – 12 : Adronis Channeling
Published on July 14, 2013 – 4:02 pm

Adronis Channeling :

Better View : Adonis Stevenson Vs Don da Bomb George, KO - Round - 12

Don George Vs. Adonis Stevenson,, INSCRIVEZ-VOUS à notre channel.Contenus exclusifs.? Entrevue Exclusive,sur la boxe, sparring. suivez…
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  1. we’ll see what happens, to me Kovalev is the best boxer in the LH division, had 250 amateur fights….also best power in divison , as for his chin , we’ll see if he can stand up to big shots..

  2. Isn’t anything special, George who lost this one, knocked out Kovalev’s last opponent in one, and Campillo was down two times against Cloud in the first round. He only knocks bums, he has a Split Decision against Boone, Stevenson killed him. And if Boone can go the distance, why should Cleverly not?

  3. Kovalev is going to hurt someone in this division…..just keeps knocking guys out, Neither Cleverly nor this dude can hang with him…

  4. well your personal view doesn’t change the fact, that more and more people move to mma instead of boxing..especially young people..

  5. MMA is whack! Boxing is better!

  6. well, mma is taking over anyways, so who really cares…

  7. Yeah! He is lucky alot!

  8. not impressed, lucky punch.

  9. Still not impressed with adonis stevenson! It’s very clear, no fighter in super middle weight division wanted any parts of stevenson!

  10. It’s the fuck whit Dawson, he belives he his one of the most dangerous are one of the best boxer in the history, for him, Stevenson is not dangerous. If you look carefully the fight, you see Dawson try to charge Stevenson, he nerver respect Stevenson strong arm.And Stevenson shoot from the left but Dawson defend it like if Stevenson shoot from right, its weird. We must get away from his strong hand but Dawson still closer..Dawson was not prepared for the fight, he trust is talent.wrong attitude

  11. I don’t get it. Dawson’s team didn’t see this monster coming?

  12. Go see other Adonis ‘s fights. You will see that he has the power.

  13. I want to see Adonis versus Froch more than Kessler versus Froch. The problem with boxing is guys are only taking money fights, what that does is dilute their overall legacy! Take on the best fighters and don’t duck the best fighter because he doesn’t draw well! Anyhow, after Froch beats Kessler, he’ll retire instead of facing Andre Ward again!

  14. what are you talking about??..boxing is also about selling tickets..nobody wants to see froch vs adonis.. Froch vs Kessler is a massive event that sold out in 2 days..

  15. He’s lucky to avoid him!

  16. he is..