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Video : Brad Johnson & Adronis: Guidance on Channeling & How to Channel : Bashar channeling
Published on September 4, 2013 – 2:11 pm

Bashar channeling :

In this video, Brad Johnson speaks on the channeling state as well as how one is able to channel in their own unique way. Brad also brings in Adronis via the…
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The channeled state is really a trance state. The trance state happens to us all the time. It is a normal part of our mind’s function. If you have ever had a trying day at work and left work with your mind racing and suddenly found yourself at home, not remembering the trip there, you were in a trance. When you are really involved in watching a movie or reading a good book, you are in trance.  When you are operating, even for a moment, in the realm of the sub or super-conscious mind and not the thinking, conscious mind you are in trance.

When you go deeply within and quiet your conscious mind, you open up yourself to guidance from a higher realm. This higher realm may contain angels and archangels or spirit guides or light beings or beings from other worlds. It also contains your higher self.

The higher realm of which I speak is found in all things. There is a higher consciousness or vibration that permeates all living things. It is the energy that created our universe and each one of us. It is the One Source of all things; First Cause, The Great Spirit or God, if you like. Our superconscious mind is where we connect to this higher realm; to that which is One Source.


When we are in this trance state and connected to this higher realm we can connect to other humans, to our animal friends or to those beings on a different dimension like angels, spirit guides, those who have “crossed over” or beings from other worlds or dimensions.  We can receive information for our own life or we can receive information to share with others.

People receive this information in different ways. There are those of us who are more visual in nature and receive images or pictures.

Others may hear something first or feel something or just may “know” something.

Do not discount the way in which you receive your information. You may hear a lot of people in the spiritual or New Age community saying to “visualize” something.  Not everyone can visualize; never think that the information you receive through hearing or feeling is any less important or valid than that which someone “sees”.

Sometimes people channel in ways that are unusual. For example, one may receive information through “automatic writing”. This is when the person who is channeling writes down what they hear, see or feel-many times they are not even aware of writing until they come out of the trance.

Some people who channel out loud do not remember what they have said while in the trance state. This was the case with the famous “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce went into a deep trance that resembled sleep. While in this state, he was given information from his spirit guides which he relayed out loud to the people he was reading for. His readings were about many things but he became most famous for his medical readings where he was able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for many illnesses or injuries. All of his readings were transcribed while he spoke and when he came out of trance, he did not remember what he had said.

His wonderful words, most especially his healing information, lives on due to the secretary who transcribed his readings and The Association for Research and Enlightenment, the foundation that preserves the records and created a line of health products based on his readings. If you wish to find out more about him, just “Google” Edgar Cayce and you will find many links to his work.

When you begin to channel, you may feel different sensations in your body.  Very often there is a surge of energy that occurs when you make contact with a guide.  The more you channel and contact different guides and angels, the more you will be able to identify who you are in contact with just by the “feeling” you get.  Each one has their own energy imprint which you will be able to identify as you channel them more.

As I said before, the channeled state is a natural part of your mind and quite easy to master. Deep breathing can bring about the relaxation necessary to achieve the trance state.

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DONNA WATKINS, CHt., NLP, Spiritual Advisor

Bashar channeling

Bashar channeling Video :

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