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Video : *Breathing Techniques* (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati : Meditation Breathing
Published on March 22, 2013 – 3:00 pm

Meditation Breathing : Acharya Shree Yogeesh conducts his first online video tutorial which covers a breathing technique called kapalbhati. He desc…
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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. Hi can u do brearhing for heart? Im in stress and I have pain in my heart

  2. can you do this for each seperate nostril instead of both nostrils at the same time when u inhale and exhale?

  3. Thank you I really need it this, just doing it with you those two times gelped my palpitations decrease! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for your teachings. You are helping many of us to heal. Namaste.

  5. Wow,I felt a bit dizzy after that lol.

  6. 4:05 if you want to skip to the part where he tells you how

  7. look up diaphragm breathing.
    When one inhales “properly” using the diaphragm then stomach expands.
    When you exhale, the stomach goes in.
    The incorrect way is when one inhales, the chest expands and the stomach goes in.
    Breath in, try and keep chest still and expand your stomach (diaphragmic breathing)

  8. Please note that it is not recommended to do this exercise more than 500 – 600 times per day.

  9. Excellent! Thanks.


  11. I tried this while eating a Big Mac ……very effective

  12. yeah when u exhale, ur abdomen (stomach) should be contracting (going in). you have to breath from your abdomen. If you are pushing air out of your abdomen, obviously it will be going inwards not outwards

  13. I want to do it for two hours can I

  14. When one exhales and stomach goes out, it means that you are breathing with your chest cavity.
    Chest must be almost motionless, and breathing is performed with the help of the stomach only.

  15. If someone were to forcefully inject pure 100% oxygen into your lungs then yes you would die… in this case, you’re getting slightly more oxygen and less co2 which is better for the brain, and most vital organs. I’m assuming this is the general idea….

  16. its dat Kapalbhati

  17. The air you breath is about 19-20% oxygen; about 79-80% is nitrogen; the rest is carbon dioxide and trace gases. In order for oxygen to become toxic, you have to breathe it in much higher concentrations than are available in the atmosphere.

  18. No, you’re instincts are correct. Correct breathing has the following stages. Imagine that your lungs are cylindrical containers, and when you breathe, water is being poured into them. (1) begin inhalation, slowly, allowing the abdomen to move out; (2) allow your rib cage to expand; (3) as inhalation reaches its maximum, allow your clavicles and shoulders to move upward. Hold the breath in for a moment; then allow it to flow out, and your muscles will work in reverse order. Don’t force the air,

  19. he blinks at around 2:07-2:09

  20. you breath out with the nose and suck your stomach in and then just relax and ur body will breath natrually

  21. but cant to much oxygen kill you?