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Video : Channeled Messages 1 Attract Money : Bashar channeling
Published on July 30, 2013 – 11:00 pm

Bashar channeling :

Channeled messages! Intuitive message from higher self, Akashic Records message, and higher consciousness message. Enjoy!

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. god bless u thanku 4 making ths message so sweetly, i enjoyed it and ur voice is soothing an perfect jus like ths message. Keep up ur good and important work. I mean it, i really needed ths, ths message is about a whole life not just money, my perception/need at ths time. Thanx again.

  2. Good job, Tim!!

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  4. Loved it! Whenever you wish for something to come to you. Just remember it’s as effortless as bringing air to your lungs~