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Video : Channeling Explained! Kryon, Bashar and You : Bashar channeling
Published on June 29, 2013 – 7:01 pm

Bashar channeling :

This is a good explanation of the channeling phenomena. Kryon, Bashar snippets and some data on how to channel your own higher self! The Piano Piece is by An…

Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. Don’t people get put into mental institutions, when they claim to hear voices?

  2. at first I thought the title of the video was going to show me how to channel entities after huffing krylon. now my face has spraypaint all over it and im dying. someones going to be channeling me here pretty soon lol.

  3. yay spirit science….umm recycled but awesome nonetheless 🙂 love the series

  4. I agree. love your neighbor, as yourself. how can you love your neighbor if you hate yourself. but that’s what im saying… when do we ever hate ourselves. why does this man tell us to do something we already do? if we live we love ourselves. the wisdom he speaks is shallow look for Gods wisdom just as this Spirit talks to (whats his name) God can speak to you. ^_^

  5. You must love yourself first, then love others. If you love yourself, you love life.

  6. seek first the kingdom and all these things shall be added to you. Knowledge, hope, freedom. The kingdom of God has a lot to do with giving. are you giving?

  7. Proof “evidence suficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.” I can only type,its up to you to establish if its true. my reasoning behind how I know this chaneling has error is ask yourself how to physically produce what he’s (Basher or Derryl) is saying. it sounds like what we are already doing doesn’t it? Now here’s the foundation of truth. Self its automatically wrong. cause love for self destroys for its own purpose. but love for others makes hope for thousands.

  8. In fact, I don’t believe that I exist, I know that I exist. How could I say these words if I didn’t exist? Even if it’s an illusion, still the illusion has to exist.

  9. If that information resonates with ourselves, then what’s wrong?

    Trust only in yourself, because you are the only one who can fully trust yourself.

  10. Thanks for commenting back. Yes, I do believe that I exist.

    The information which Darryl or Bashar gives is very helpful, the information has helped many, many people.

    “And i’m telling you I know by my own experience that most channelers Speak to demons NOT by the name but by the representation of what they speak of.”

    Show me proof, show it to me and maybe I can look at it from your point of view.

    We don’t know if Darryl is channeling or not, but we know the INFORMATION. If that…

  11. I admire you that you question but I don’t admire that you say you don’t believe theres nothing wrong with believing there’s something wrong with deception. So I will ask you this Knowing that you believe in something What do you believe. answer that honestly an you have a place to start. AVOID DECEPTION in your search, many say they are the Christ (savior, perfector, defender, truth)But if the spirit speaks not of Jesus and him rose again the deception is clear, you have been warned.

  12. One thing I don’t understand what he’s saying is this.
    ask yourself who doesn’t love themselves? I cant tell you how many people cry about what they don’t have or got. how many people rather kill themselves because they don’t have what they want or need.Tell me have you ever been miserable why?? cause the world doesn’t do for you. not because you wont do for yourself. I bet you would give the world to have what you want. so would everyone else that’s how I know that statement is not true.

  13. I guess. but I assure you, you believe in something.. rather its in this society or personal experiences. I may believe but so do you. I do know but for myself, its up to you to believe What I say or not. NO BODY knows everything, So in a way we all believe. We are limited with our five senses And/or by our own experiences. And i’m telling you I know by my own experience that most channelers Speak to demons NOT by the name but by the representation of what they speak of.

  14. I don’t believe in anything. I question everything. That’s the only way to know the truth. You do not know, you only BELIEVE.

  15. do you believe?

  16. You do not know. You only believe.

  17. everyone who channels are talking to demons unless they believe that Jesus came and rose again. ^_^ hate to break it

  18. It is the simple truth in your eyes yes but you need to understand another ‘simple truth’ people are entitled to there own opinions and beliefs just as you are, do yourself and everyone else a favor keep your negative output to yourself or better yet converse with other people of the same belief as you. People like this kind of thing for plenty of reasons but the major one is that the information that channels give to the viewers is of a massive positive nature why destroy that hmm?

  19. I love Bashar. He is one of my four favorite channelers. Him, Adronis, Treb, and Ishuwa. I was just getting Ready to buy tickets to Bashar’s event. BUT I FOUND OUT THAT THE OTHER THREE ARE ON ONE TICKET FOR 15$ :-O I was so amazed by this.For all who want a 5 Hour show for 15$. Look up “April 14th as Awakening Truth Worldwide and ConsciousMatrix. com bring you the third Contact Assembly Online Event.”and the first video you see, is it. It has links for signing up.I will be there.SO EXITED !