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Video : Children’s channeling 2–6-27-1987
Published on July 30, 2013 – 9:37 am

Bashar channeling :

Children's channeling 2--6-27-1987

Part 2 of the childrens channeling. Bashar interprets a dream! Please support Bshar,
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Bashar channeling Video :

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  1. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. this can help me interprets my dreams thank u.

  3. baaaisaikl

  4. Wow, great!!! Where is part 1?

  5. d*** i will be really happy if I was that kid and saw when I’m older

  6. hes asking really deep questions to a 6 year old lol

  7. Well said

  8. Yeah, I know what you mean!

  9. Have watched bashar for about 2 years and haven’t came across this until now. Awesome! Would like to here the past life story at the end of this video! Thx for the upload!

  10. This is the future of our universe, our star system, having extraterrestrials teach our children in schools, and even have channelers channel when they aren’t necessarily present, If they’re on a different planet or star system that week 😛 ~

  11. If I was in a position to manage an elementary school, people like Bashar would visit every year 🙂

  12. lovely

  13. Maybe he didn’t really want to go into the dream that much. 😛

  14. Hes so cute !

    Bashar is so kind here. I mean he;s always kind, but I like the way he talks with kids 🙂

  15. he looks like his pappy… ha ha

  16. thank you cldnt see it on my side bar how do i activate the playlist?

  17. where is this adorable kid now ,,been gd to know what happened and the positive influence of bashar on his life

  18. The channeler looks so different back then.

  19. when i was a kid i dreamed i was on the moon… beat that kid 😛

  20. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw