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Video : Controversial Bikram Yoga Guru Likes the Heat
Published on August 12, 2013 – 8:10 pm

Yoga :

Millionaire yogi Bikram Choudhury battles accusations around his copyrighted yoga sequence.

Yoga Video :

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  1. Looks not good..

  2. This is not journalism.

  3. Watch the doc**entary k**ari it is just like this it exposes these people

  4. Someone needs to make him go away. Nasty creep

  5. Wellington, he looks like a pervert, actually, he is a pervert, now he has to go to court for friendshipual harassment. Siicko!!

  6. Why so many negative comments?nothin wrong with what he’s doin

  7. Don’t let their evil get to you! It has many forms, despite the faux smiley eyes! Onwards and upwards! It shows how great, good and bright you are that you had burned right thru their icey callous ways and caused them to react to such a light.You should be glad you stick out among such swine. Do not cast pearls before swine! Like I said, “Onwards and upwards!”

  8. Pretty obvious he deserves all the heat comng from these people. What an absolute troll. You can tell that woman was deeply hurt by him. I hope she recovers and moves milestones beyond his affects.

  9. I am indian and i say he is an arsehole.

  10. .The studio owners and teachers down here in South Florida are just as bad : If not worseAfter trying to steal my money,a studio owner put my name in all the computers of other school owners telling them I was a bad person.After having broken my back in her studio,she refused to give me back my balance and I was forced to take her to court.Then this other studio owner kicked me out after I complained that one of her instructors referred to me as a boy.

  11. 01:30 I think the US has corrupted it enough with stupid yoga competitions.

  12. He’s an ass hole

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  14. he makes me not want to do yoga anymoreeee……..b******

  15. 1:08 with the blue shorts….shes gotta fat ass p**** lol

  16. It’s actually Indian (American Indian) sweat techniques.
    It’s been around for years, nothing new here.

  17. I am an indian. I never travelled abroad but I have seen many fake bikram’s throught my life in India. This man is a liar and I can tell he has banged many American women on the name of yoga…..bloody a******

  18. Wow! .I did -25 lbs in 1 month.Go to

  19. Go Bikram. Love you.