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Video : Dwyer 6-9-13 Post Fight Adonis Stevenson v. Chad Dawson / DwyerVip.Com
Published on June 28, 2013 – 8:10 am

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Dwyer 6-9-13 Post Fight Adonis Stevenson v. Chad Dawson  / DwyerVip.Com,, on roku “dwyerboxingnews” (public channel), “dwyersportsbetting” (private channel with wise guys I trust) a…
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  1. Stevenson/Kovalev would make my year for the light heavyweight wishlist. 

  2. We might see an Adonis Stevenson vs Jean Pascal in a near future. I’m from Montreal and it would be an awesome hometown fight. Those 2 have the same management team, but there are some rumors that Jean Pascal might go with 50 cents promotion and leave the GYM group. Adonis just signed a new deal with GYM prior is fight with Dawson and there are some beef between GYM and Jean Pascal. Jean Pascal fought 2 times Adonis in the amateur already. Again Montreal is a great boxing city!!

  3. So who’s up next for Stevenson, Tony Bellew?

  4. well said DWYER

  5. All im saying is, that he is exciting to watch 😛 I’ve seen him a couple of times, and he always makes an exciting fight..even against lower opposition.. It makes good headlines..boxing needs more of that 😛 People were actually talking about this knockout. Haven’t seen so much talk about a win, since marquez knocked pacquiao out..Its good for the sport 😛

  6. adonis may be able to do that, but i think your putting the cart before horse right now. he’s only been in the late rounds 3 times. i guess we will see more of him in the future though.

  7. its definitaly good for boxing with 1 more exciting champion…Chad Dawson was simply not exciting to watch..he couldn’t get people on their feet 😛 Adonis is able to do that. Its great for boxing, it really needs more exciting fighters to shape up the sport again..

  8. I’d disagree that Dawson was “doing great” for that first 50 seconds. The guy got knocked out in under a minute, so he was doing something wrong that set it up. And you can clearly see what it is. He’s leaning in and not maintaining distance. This is a guy who needs to fight like modern Wladamir Klitschko, but instead was fighting like WK against Corrie Sanders, giving away his advantages. I think he can make a comeback if he fixes that.

  9. not too many of his fights to view on youtube as of yet. im not too positive on him yet, i want to see a few more fights against prime people to see what he really has, but definitely looks like a good prospect. he leaves himself open alot of times from the fights ive recently viewed on youtube, but he pushes in aggressively and thats what works for him. we will see how he shapes up. hopefully he shapes up good for emanuele’s legacy and gyms name.

  10. he is very good for the sport..he is incredible exciting to watch:P I watched his last fight, powerpunches all night long against a brawler…nice!

  11. Way back in 1966 Joe Frazier’s left hook broke the orbital bone of George Chuvalo. Chuvalo fought another twelve years. However when it came to taking a punch Chuvalo was a freak of nature.

  12. 8:10 lol trying to figure them out lol. damit, i feel bad for chad, he didnt even have time to figure him out. oooochhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 1st time i seen adonis fight. i wonder how is his endurance is being so bulky in the late rounds. good show though all around.

  13. Ring deaths almost always occur (every one I’m aware of) from sustained punishment combined with dehydration and exhaustion. I don’t recall a guy ever being killed simply by being KO’ed.

  14. Me too. So much bad “analysis” on youtube. Mostly just guys completely unscripted spouting whatever pops into their heads. Dwyer is long winded but he has a very precise gameplan for his video and lays it out well. Even when I disagree, which I admit is a lot, the guy is compelling.

  15. the ref was right wen the referee got to ten dawson was still stunned

  16. He never officially went down but in round 4 I believe Lopez was beating him around the rind and he fell forward, grabbing Lopez and went down. It was ruled a slip but should have been a knockdown in my opinion, as it was precipitated by punches.

  17. Move next door to me, bro lol. Same here. I have buddies over for the big fights but they’re not the boxing freak I am, so many a time it’s just me and the home theatre. *violin music*

  18. i wish u were my neighbor dwyer…i have both hbo n showtime n im always by myself till midnight enjoying fights but i just wish a friend of mine enjoyed the sport as well

  19. Dawson changes trainers more often then ppl change underwear he seems very indecisive

  20. Just out of interest Dwyer, you ever done any boxin yourself???

  21. Dawson had to take some fights that were in fact very dubious in nature, under some uncompromising positions, namely the Ward fight, only because he felt like he had to in order to advance his career. For whatever reason, this probably caused him a lapse in focus and concentration given some of the political aspects of boxing that became apparent to such a phsically talented individual.