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Video : Ending a friendship-Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters : Spiritual Lessons
Published on July 3, 2013 – 2:11 pm

Spiritual Lessons :

Readings and passages taken from a book entitled ‘Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters” by author Natasha Munson

Spiritual Lessons Video :

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  1. wonderful. i had to come back to this video for more encouraged because im ending a friendship tomrrow. when the book mentioned obligation it really hit me even harder knowing this is the right decision for me to make because ive felt obligated to stay in this friendship. but its hurting me too much and there have been major signs telling me that this just isnt right anymore. especially now that im becoming closer with God, i feel like the spirit is leading me to do this. thank you for uploading

  2. Thank you for reading this powerful message. It’s just what I needed to hear. Bless you.

  3. Im a non religious person, but your amazing and I like your you tube videos.

  4. I so appreciated reading your comment. Like you, Ms. Munson’s perspective was enlightening for me as well, so it was a pleasure to share it with you. God bless you and thanks for sharing,

  5. Thank you for visiting my channel and taking the time to comment and share. What you’ve said has been very encouraging! GOD bless you!!

  6. By the way, I’m sorry to have taken this long to reply,but my modem has gone out on my computer. I’m having another sent to me; however, this took a lot of courage to do.This is the purpose for Mr.Munson’s reading!

  7. Emotionally drained…….people can be toxic if we let them.You’ve done good to make the decision to move on and away from this relationship.

  8. Hi there! I totally understand where your’e going with this…..I like how you said ‘friends;.

  9. Thanks for posting this video!!! God Bless You!

  10. friendship. Since ending the friendship, she has since gone around to several of our mutual acquaintances and told them that I was a terrible person. She claimed to not understand why I was treating her this way, etc. When that didn’t work, she went around exploiting the trust I once had in her, and told a few people some personal secrets I had confessed to her in an effort to hurt me. This proved more than ever that she was never a friend in the first place. Friendship should never hurt.

  11. truly been a friend. I feel as though she liked the idea of me, but not me. She liked the idea of someone always being there when she needed them. She liked the idea that she could always count on me. She liked the idea that I helped her with her school work when we were in college. But in the end, she didn’t appreciate any of it. I felt emotionally drained and angry towards the end of the relationship. One day after a talk with my older sister, I made the decision to finally end that

  12. I’m 24 years old, and I recently ended a friendship with a young lady I had been “friends” with since high school. To make a long story short, she had done countless backstabbing things behind my back for several years, but it wasn’t until her younger sister grew jealous, and began to openly behave disrespectfully and rude that I had enough. I discussed her sister’s behavior with her, and she pretended like she had never noticed anything. I realized at this point that this person had never

  13. Yes, yes, yes! powerful it is.

  14. Awe, I should’ve seen this one first. lol…..

  15. Natasha Munson. Spiritual Lessons for my Sisters.

  16. See….we do it all the time. This is precisely the reason why we need to be free and remove the chains from round our hands,heart and feet so we can close the doors that need to be closed,guard the heart that’s often so vulnerable and use our feet to get the h*** away when we need to!

  17. You got it!

  18. Lol..! Hi Angie…I’m glad you enjoyed the reading and that it came to you right on time…It was a blessing to me too.

  19. Oh, “spiritual lessons for my sisters”. Got it! Thanks again.

  20. I have learned that I AM NOT OBLIGATED to any person for any reason. I will never again allow myself to be emotional blackmailed, make excuses for behavior that I know good and well is unacceptable, or second guess my psyche.
    What a WONDERFUL, and thought provoking video. Thank-you SO MUCH, sistah. What’s the name of this book again?

  21. “our spirit always knows what is right for us”

    “the reality is that we do not always listen”

    “we make excuses for the individual”
    That was soooo ME! In fact, I JUST recorded a video about this exact topic. But I was unable to find these exact words. I think it was indeed my spirit telling me to let a person go, but I WOULD make excuses, and tell myself that in letting them go, I was trying to be better than the individual. But, this is absolutely not the case.

  22. Amen and Thank You For Sharing!!

  23. I believe that you must have some sort of psychic powers….I needed this so badly right now I’ve listened 3 times and am going back for more….THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! ~Angie

  24. Yeah girl…you did:)