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Video : Explorations with Adronis: (A Group Session Excerpt) – Self Empowerment TV : Adronis Channeling
Published on April 1, 2013 – 8:45 pm

Adronis Channeling : This is a group session channeling with Adronis that shares a broad range of information channeled through Brad Johnson. T…
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Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. Yes…….. there is´╗┐ also a video where adronis talks about meeting with bashar……….thought that was pretty neat………..peace love and harmony to you friend ­čÖé

  2. To be more specific: there are verbal techniques to make someone appear as if they have insight into ones life or foresight into the future, is there any evidence out there that that isn’t the case here? Like I said, not criticizing, just asking, if so I would love to see´╗┐ it, the subject matter is infinitely interesting, just need more info about what’s going on

  3. I stumbled upon this video by accident, not trying to knock your guys’ beliefs (I sincerely mean that) just curious as to how you know that these channelers or mediums whatever the term are any different from cult leaders that in the end turn out to be hoaxing people and taking advantage of people who´╗┐ believe and trust them?

  4. Thank you, In5D folks, for posting & sharing this hour+ with Adronis. I found it very interesting. ´╗┐

  5. Do you´╗┐ know of Diane Tessman who channels multiple beings from Space/Time Awareness? Her material has info that is similar as well as dissimilar to many of the channelers whose messages are put on YouTube. She has a small online presence, but no channelings here in YouTube, or at least none that I’m aware of. I get her materials via post office mailings.

  6. Adronis did not say that there is no federation. From what I’ve gathered from here and elsewhere, there are many, many different federations; confederations; groups; organizations; etc. out there and just as a person can belong to more than one club, etc. on Earth, E.T. & E. D. (extra-dimensional) beings can be part of more than one federation, etc., having membership in and working in or´╗┐ with more than one group.

  7. Agreed. His method of presentation, and his personality, etc., seem quite similar´╗┐ to that of Darryl Anka channeling Bashar.

  8. I’ve listened to many hours´╗┐ of Tolec’s presentations. He was a computer industry guy (programmer, if I recall correctly) but he’s been having unusual experiences for many years and he supposedly gave up his regular job to focus on his ambassadorial work for the Andromeda Council for the last couple of years. I like his material. As for Destini, I just get the impression that she’s false and faking being a channel (Tolec does not channel, by the way) and is all about disinfo or worse.

  9. Re: 56:25 I find it interesting that Adronis’s reply about the difference between the false Galactic Federation of Light as´╗┐ compared to the original Galactic Confederation of Light (Lyrian source) is quite similar to what George Kavassilas has to say on the topic, supposedly based upon his (George’s) personal experiences in dealing with both of these groups. I wonder, in terms of humans interacting with these groups, if it’s going to just come down to which group arrives here in ships first.

  10. no just tolec now u guys who are serious and have a technique to cut down´╗┐ % of bull s*** listen to the treb-bor-yit-ne videos i did all 47 and could not find fault

  11. the hard data is all i care about cross ref with the 12 channelers that have turned up in las t 2 to 10 yrs all say the same exact data so they´╗┐ are all meeting for a laugh and are professional writers and liers receiving ridicule or ,,,,,,its truue

  12. oh wait! i said tolec,i think i meant soltec-these two would seem to have a lot in common-does anyone know of them? hey this guy adronis´╗┐ is good tho huh? i reckon he’s worth listening to-did anyone hear anything ‘wrong’ yet?-i haven’t yet that i know of-

  13. yeah-so tolec is legit huh? i know i’ve read something by him-but it’s faded a bit-need a refresher-any suggestions? i wanna see who this tolec is-what do´╗┐ we know about tolec-anyone?

  14. hey,that guy’s good-reminds me of dutch! hey what happened to mike anyways right? and the comet´╗┐ elenin-did i miss it-dang it!

  15. so there’s no federation? there should be a few -and who are we to decide who’s better or worse-until we can interact with them,right?
    hey,has anyone listened to desteni-or whoever the blond south african girl channeler is-wow,she’s just great-she’s ‘channeled’ so many people and entities,it’s´╗┐ quite the phenomenon! well certainly there’s more channelers than ever-and it’s great-i remember back in the ’90’s there were only a handful that i could find…i’m looking for more channelers to read

  16. compare treb-bor-yit-ne and fed of light is deception y does he not mention this were u compare gal fed and gal fed of light the message is massively different go study tolecs videos´╗┐ serious seekers

  17. the´╗┐ link is on the video screen

  18. yes i study this and have found 12 all are not clairvoyant tolec is great not a channeler but same data as well as treb-bor-yit-ne ,van summers,kettle, i have listed to trebs, 44 hours and like the other 12 cant poke a hole in any sentance they are´╗┐ saying the same as is marciniak by90% the only subject that differs is the story of christ

  19. you should put a discription about what is talked about in the discription section. i would´╗┐ love it.