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Video : Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP – Yoga Class (2008) HD
Published on August 7, 2013 – 6:01 pm

Yoga :

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP - Yoga Class (2008) HD

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe Peter (Jason Segel) has some awkward encounte…
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Yoga Video :

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  1. Was this only in the unrated version? I watched the normal one and it wasn’t in here -_-.

  2. ***sweat out all the toxins from this morning***

  3. C’mon lady!

  4. nice

  5. 2:49 Im Doin a Handstand Mothafuckaa! XD
    2:45 Whats up? My Legs Thats Whats up 😀
    LMFAO! <3

  6. “Sir, if you just want to lay down in child’s pose”


  7. lady, i got it!

  8. lol one of those guys was actually lying in childs pose in the corner

  9. the symbol means om

  10. Does anybody know what russells shirt says?

  11. This movie is fucking GENIUS! Best movie of it’s genre!


  13. OMG its kristen wiig! 😀 First recognize it now! 😀

  14. Ha ha what a b****!

  15. -“ok we’re doing quiet handstands today”
    – “i’m doing a handstand mothafucka”