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Video : Free Reiki Attunement
Published on August 16, 2013 – 8:11 am

Reiki :

Duane Flowers at presents this free online Reiki attunement for powerful assistance on the spiritual side of Reiki healing and o…

Reiki Video :

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  1. Thanks for the intent.

  2. When I open the video I feel vibration on my hand, like some kind of wind or energy touching me. It stays for 2 seconds. I feel better I think i need some more reiki. So I will do it for 30 days.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi 🙂 thank you for your love and light
    it has been 3 days that i cant view this vido whne I’m loggen in and view it under y favorite videos, not sure why?

  4. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is the Great Buddha Law of the Universe that is saving people; cultivation system based on the principles:

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  5. Thank you very much for your kind attunement. NAMASTE!

  6. I’ve never experienced it personally but I know people who have and I don’t doubt it for an instant…

    OTOH there are MANY Reiki Charlatans out there so I would really have to meet that person to know if they’re real or not…

  7. Thanks for the support. Let me ask you something if I may. I just saw a video where this guy said when doing Reiki you feel other people assisting you and sometimes the voices of the Reiki masters peak to you and through you is that real or is he making things up?

  8. I know of people who have had similar experiences with live Reiki attunements. In my experience, most practitioners feel the energy as a buzz in their hands, head, heart, etc., while others hear something (like the buzzing of a fly) and still others see different shapes/colors. There is no “one size fits all” as far as experiences go and I’m not really surprised anymore by the variety of experiences reported… just further evidence of the awesome depth and width of all that is Reiki…

  9. I was not being immature or childish. I take these things quite seriously. When I watched the video the first time it did just what I described. I am sorry you cannot conceive that I am telling the truth.

  10. As a light body, kriya-bhakti yogini ,and reiki worker , I can assure you this fellow and his attunement process is real. I all but floated out of my set from the energy…thank you,especially for Not being what my old teacher used to call the “Reiki Snobs”…those who charge outrageous fees .

  11. How did you do it? I didn’t understand what you are meant to do, can you explain it for me?

    “When grace is working in the soul of someone who is praying,then he is flooded with the love of God,so that he can no longer bear what he experiences.Then,this love turns towards the humankind,whom he comes to love so much that he seeks to take upon himself the whole of human pain so that everyone else might be freed from it.In general he suffers with every grief and misery.This is why those who are advanced in prayer do not cease to pray for the world.
    St.Joseph the Hesychast

  13. Namaste

  14. I’m so glad that I found you Duane… since receiving your attunements, my energy healing skills have blossomed!

  15. This video is truly a gem! I could feel reiki energy in my crown chakra, then it traveled down my shoulders and my hands began to get hot! It was like this burst of energy followed by calmness. Thank you so much!

  16. I adore you duaneflowers. Thankyou for your videos.

  17. Beautiful and effective! Thank you so much, Duane 🙂 Love and blessings from Mexico.

  18. thnak you much if more bideos r made pls send me link thank you



  21. thank u .. it’s works great 🙂

  22. I have blockage in my left side as I can feel more warmness on my right than on my left.

  23. @harlemdrum well if it’s no better than aspirin, then one has a choice to relieve pain via chemicals or reiki 🙂

  24. Really weird thing happened. I have never dropped acid but I have talked to people who did and this video of you did what those people described. You turned into a blob, like a melting candle that was moving and changing colors. I didn’t have a tripped out feeling. It was just on the screen. I have watched probably 100 or more videos on YouTube and have never seen that, weird.