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Published on May 15, 2013 – 11:09 am

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  1. A neighbor told me about it & I LOVED it!

  2. My favorite guided meditation.. Perfect? length too.Check up my channel with meditations

  3. this really works!! thank you

  4. I love your meditations thank you

  5. In order to to reach a higher fulfillment, we must experience love. Personal love and spirituality are not two different practices. They share a duality; you cannot have one without the other.

  6. Echoing is distracting.

  7. laaaaaaaaaame

  8. I spend my guided meditation sitting upright with my partner in locked arms and locked lips we don’t move just breath. Meditation is about calming down. In stressful lives like ours it is good to take a break from it all and relax. I know she is there and I know she is beautiful but I don’t feel a need to look at her or to do anything really. We both awake feeling refreshed and re energized. Were not Buddhists, we aren’t trying to fulfill anything, or reach a goal. Simply find peace in our day

  9. The echoing of the voice was so irritating. It distracted me completely.

  10. there are plenty of other reasons to dismiss a God

  11. Thanks for your response! Nothing wrong with meditating 15 minutes a day if it helps. The problem is, most people rely on these practices to “fix them,” & forget that a truly spiritual life is about LIVING & giving. You can’t learn to love without loving, you can’t understand people without getting involved with them, & you can’t overcome your ego-reactions and habits without doing it in real time. Meditation can be a good SUPPORT for all that. But when people over-rely on it, THAT’S unhealthy.

  12. This was amazing for me! After being really frustrated and angry I sat down and listened to this and it really helped!!! Thanks soo much!! Will recommend to anyone wanting a relaxation time

  13. For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  14. Really Relaxing Thanks

  15. thats true and i agree that you need to go out and do stuff, but i ve just started this last week and only do it for 15 mins and after that all anxiety and bad thoughts are gone for the day or more. really find it helpful after working or before bed!

  16. Just people on the beach

  17. I hear it too..can’t make it out.

  18. there’s a faint thing being said at 9:10!! what is it?? Listen closely

  19. Beauty From The Inside (: Professional Hypnosis
    Picture yourself younger, more beautiful, more attractive, very healthy, a divine being conscious and powerful. Surround yourself with harmony and pleasure. Wrap your body in a blanked of soft air.
    Connecting with your inner light is very naturally. And this vibrant flow of life is always with you, you can now take advantage of it, every time you like to come back.

  20. Such techniques are an easy way out. Life and love, relationship and intimacy, all take courage, love, compassion, understanding, practice, and ego-transcendence. Meditation can’t give you that. We need to rise to life’s challenges. Solitary practices aren’t the solution. They can be helpful and healthy, as exercise is healthy. But life is deep & wide. Sit on your ass in lotus position too long & your social muscles will atrophy, & you’ll end up alienated and alone.

  21. Almost all spiritual practices share one tragic ideal: to beam “up” from personal relationship into “higher” fulfillment, universal love. Personal love is seen as delusion, or an exercise to build spiritual muscle&then discard.

    That sorry view undermines the value of personal love. It condemns personal lovers as inferior; weak; doomed to attachment, cluelessness, & unenlightenment. It is anti-human & unGodly. God’s love is Personal. Human beings ARE Divine. To dismiss Them IS to dismiss God.

  22. Simply amazing! Thank you

  23. Daily lifesaver