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Video : Guided Meditation for Astral Projection // Astral Body Activation // Lucid Dreams // Relaxation
Published on July 24, 2013 – 3:31 pm

Meditation :

This meditation will help you to move your awareness into your astral body. The more awareness we have of our astral body, the easier astral projection becom…

Meditation Video :

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  1. I saw a white glowing amulet dangling above my head. I felt myself reach up and grab it. When I looked down, I saw myself laying on the bed! Unfortunately, I was immediately sucked back in. but that was AMAZING i’m so trying that again!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!Great work Susannah!!GOD bless you!!!

  3. speak for yourself!


  5. Grow a set 😛

  6. can you do one without these annoying voice effects? it creeps me

  7. YES! A new one. Crystal lake was a blast

  8. Susannah you bless me with your work. Crystal Lake and Silver Cloud have enhanced my Astral Projection so very much. It more often occurs since I have discover your work.
    Thank You very much.

  9. There’s no white cloud, it’s a light

  10. I was so close! I kept my eyes open and as I felt my body fall asleep, I could actually see the white cloud fill my room and my energy being pulled into it. Do you think that perhaps it was a result of DMT being released while my eyes were open?

  11. Thanks. listening with headphones and can hear faint sound of rain on my window 🙂

  12. Thanks

  13. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! :DDD

  14. Wooow this is awesome.