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Video : Guided Meditation Prosperity Attracting Money In Speed : Meditation Music
Published on August 18, 2013 – 2:10 am

Meditation Music :

Guided Meditation Prosperity Attracting Money In Speed

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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. Thank you for this gift, Megassus! When I listen to this meditation, my soul feels like it has literally opened up. All rigid thinking goes out the window as I give and receive to all. I finally Feel wealthy! Bless you! :)))

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  3. ok I bought all the speed, now what?

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  5. Make it more dynamic.

  6. Thank you Teddy for sharing!

  7. This is good, thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of work, with the background music magical, my life has started to change in so many good ways, from money flowing into my life, new surroundings, to a new partner, each day is a surprise for me. Thank you God! And Thank to you Megassus!

  8. Listen to the meditation and you’ll know:)

  9. find all the links for israel healing system music under the video

  10. Love this music. Where can I find it?

  11. Nice 🙂

  12. can i listen to this before bedtime? if not, when’s the best time to listen to it?

  13. yo check out sum deep music knowledge! G6-Awake

  14. Does this have subliminal messages in between hearing her voice? Do we need to listen with headphones? Do we need to listen all at once? An hour and 45 minutes is a long time. But I like what I hear in the first part, so am willing to open to it.

  15. This really works…after listening it to it twice..I received a 30,000 cash option from a retirement plan from a company that I had worked for years ago…of course that was before having to pay a penality and taxes…but it couldnt have come at a better time..and this wasnt a coincidence!

  16. This has brought so much value to my life and in turn will bring value to others. the cycle of wealth has begun with this video. This is the type of content that will continue for Youtube to bring in BILLIONS because this 1 hour and 45 minutes of my life that I just experienced showed me how to bring BILLIONS to mine. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING VALUE TO MY LIFE SO THAT I CAN SHARE IT WITH OTHER.

  17. it’s not about thinking in this meditation. it’s about feeling. and about the spiritual place that money takes in this world – as a bridge between people.
    the more you feel people the more you feel the money getting closer and know how to act – in the same level.

  18. I am assuming that floor 55 is a place that you meditate on that shows the gold that is available to you if you wish it to be. RIGHT!! But the tune was catchy. I don’t believe any of it. You can NOT bring money to yourself by thinking it. I do believe in the law of attraction, but I don’t believe you can have anything you will to yourself.

  19. it’s mentioned inside this meditation if you listen to the whole thing…

  20. Can anybody tell me what this ‘Floor #55’ means please ??

  21. what is this floor 55 thing ???

  22. A good tip in this video is breathing in “gold” – if you breath in a marigold-gold mixure, and also visualize green, over a period of time it improves the colors of the human aura and attracts wealth. It needs to be done with great intensity for significant periods of time. You should use it with the “Shreem” mantra and positive visualization of getting a job/wealth/etc each day – 108 times/day for 40 days straight – there is a video on how to pronounce it.

  23. I love it ! Thank you so much! The music is amazing ! Floor 55 is the place to be, when I was going up I was exited and anxious , glass elevator let the bright sun in I was already touched , when the doors opened it was out this world , it was really bright no joke, everything was gold furniture walls and happy people in there, I received my money and I start dancing and hugging everyone in the room, elevator open again and my family walks in, we united in a big hug of tears of joy jumping