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Video : how meditation works, meditation experiment explained by meditation master, expert Sadhguru : How to Meditate
Published on June 25, 2013 – 5:12 pm

How to Meditate :

Free online guided mediitation Introduction video on how to do meditation by Sadhguru:- To learn the Full kriya yo…
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How to Meditate Video :

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  1. yes you can meditate in a dream.

  2. i’m gettin blissed right now!

  3. Google “Isha Kriya”, it is a meditation guided by Sadhguru. I do it everyday and I’ve actually had *other* people notice positive changes in me (as well as myself).

  4. Yes, do please meditate while dreaming. You will shatter all the boundaries of the dream and you have whole eternity right before your observation. It is very hard to concertrate on meditating while dreaming, but don’t give up! I’ve managed to do it twice – the third time will be the point when all my dreams are not part of me, but a alternative mind reality.

  5. Im gonna start using “im blissed out” when im stoned and see if it catches on :)

  6. you are telling the real truth.only way to achieve this is thru meditation.or near death experience (i would not recommend second thing). 🙂 when you get out of your body and in the other dimension you will know will know everything that sadhguru knows.

  7. can meditating help lucid dreaming? could you do it while you dream?

  8. I second what “howtodoyogameditate”… but my experience are more towards tremendous strength, stamina and lungs capacity…

  9. enhance perception.Nature has abundance

  10. @LionEntity


  12. “only when you are in a sustained level of pleasantness within you, otherwise you are a d*** issue by your self, all the time you are an issue by your self, it doesn’t work”

  13. lol i think you mean 4:61

  14. Buddha said nirvana is the end of ignorance greed and anger.Very few actually realized the very subtle meaning of this. You are exactly who you are just without ignorance greed and anger in nirvana. You are not in a mystical state or become one with self or atman or in bliss etc. Nirvana is totally different than what mystics describe it to you.. A mystic has to drop his mystical identity to realize it. Mystics are in a dream world..They think they are enlightened yet they are far away from it.

  15. bliss is for amateurs. If you are seeking the ultimate bliss that can save you from your suferring, you will not suceed. Bliss will come and go away just like any other experience. It is an experience.
    If you assume that your natural state is bliss then you are also mistaken. You dont have a natural state..There are no natural states..Everything is subject to change.

  16. The natural state of the Atman IS. It is always there and has always been there. Whether I have known it or not does the change the fact that that is the natural state of the Atman. I could go into more philosophical explanations here.

  17. Where was “the natural state of the Atman” before somebody else told you about “the natural state of the Atman”?

  18. It is the natural state of the Atman. Not of the body. Because you are in a physical body you have forgotten your true, blissful nature and you engage in acts which make you happy by satisfying the mind and senses, but that brings suffering. When you realize the Self it is pure joy. Bhagavad Gita 14.27 – “And I am the basis of the impersonal Brahman, which is immortal, imperishable, eternal, and is the constitutional position of ultimate happiness.”

  19. It is not a desire, it is. Suffering is created, bliss is the natural state. Unclench.

  20. Sadhguru is amazing… I’m going to start Yoga this week!

  21. I gotta ask.. If this is such a life changing thing that everybody should have why not give it away for free instead of charging €110 to watch some pre-recorded videos and you can only watch them once…? I like Sadguru but these things make it seem like another money making racket..

  22. “…only when you are a sustained level of pleasantness within you, otherwise you a d***ed issue for yourself, all the time you are issue to the self, it doesn’t work”

  23. Controlling the senses, and the mind in meditation you can focus on the self, or atman, which is eternally blissful. Having experienced that, one sees this universe is illusory and is thus, liberated from it.

  24. What is this? I’ve never heard of this yoga system. Yoga means union with the divine, or in other words, self realization. Different paths of yoga are sankhya, bhakti, jnana, dhyana, karma, raja, hatha etc. The purpose of yoga is to control the sense organs, including the mind and abstaining from any kind of mental gratification. This pineal gland thing is something of that nature. You are pleasing the mind. With yoga, you are supposed to renounce all desires for mental or sense gratification.