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Video : How To Channel Adronis
Published on March 30, 2013 – 5:19 am

Adronis Channeling :

In this video, Brad explains how you can channel Adronis. Adronis symbol:

Adronis Channeling Video :

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  1. I will watch this every day till´╗┐ I can get a stable channel ­čÖé

  2. Brad I get a LOT of eye movement while try to meditate and I listen to´╗┐ a song at times and I will try to clear my mind and think of adronis to get stable channel with him but I can’t for some reason songs get stuck to my head and the rapid eye movement any idea how to clear this? Try to reply soon thank you.

  3. I felt a twitch in my legs and a weird sensation in my mind was I feeling him? If so I will keep practicing each day, I wish to talk´╗┐ to him everyday! I am now in harmony knowing that I am not alone in our universe and my brothers and sisters of the yahyel are coming!! Ever since I saw they’re amazing light display in my hometown of pheonix I’ve been eager to meet them.

  4. Would it be ok to just feel/look´╗┐ around first and not ask any questions?

  5. Hey Brad, I have a question for you: Do you know any pleiadian contacts? Or, Arcturian? If not, would you recommend any possible´╗┐ methods of contact?

  6. Hi Brad, thank you brother for share the message of light and the information about it, I send you a warm hug and a wave of positive´╗┐ energy and white light, Namaste.

  7. Thank´╗┐ you very Much Brad ! ­čśÇ Definetely gonna try

  8. I channel a lot, I just haven’t had the clarity to know exactly ‘whom’ it is. I believe I get many :). ANYONE can do it, we’re all 100% channelers, it’s just a matter of allowing and knowing. I agree with his formula, basically, just relax, meditate, turn the mind off and allow. No expectations is key in my opinion, no pre-determined ANYTHING on how it may turn out or how it will be delivered.´╗┐ In the end it comes down to state of being and who you think you are vs who you know urself to be

  9. It works! On my first try I got strong tingling energy around my cheek, jaw, and lips when meditating. It made unique smiles on my lips firmly, in the way that I almost never did. Before´╗┐ trying, i was in a very high energy already and i felt very strong resonance with Adronis’ message/perspective. Then on the meditation I introduced myself to Adronis, stated that I wanna be his friend, and then I told him many exciting things up to the point that I perfectly believed that he was listening ­čśÇ

  10. Ok i seriously want to do this… do u think it will work´╗┐ for me?

  11. 77713Julia.h***o´╗┐ Brad,I was interesting about Adronis,can you tell me how he looks.Thank you very much Brad,for all information.

  12. as soon as u showed the image and began explaining how,´╗┐ I was doing it… really wasn’t sure if I wanted to channel, but I felt a heavy pull on my third eye region. I still feel it though I’m not concentrating on it at the sec. STRONG. Then u actually said how strong it felt. Soon as I felt it I said, “Whoa, hey Adronis!” I’ll autowrite. THANKS!