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Video : How to do Breath Relaxation/ Breath Meditation – Instructions for Beginners
Published on June 3, 2013 – 2:00 pm

Meditation Breathing :

For more support: Facebook – This is a instructional for beginners to learn to focus on their breath for rela…

Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. Im going to perform live next week so im going to watch this couple times to help me breath relax and meditate.

    I will post the video on youtube, hopefully i may get a professional contract as a comedian.

  2. Hariwan – thank you so much for taking the time to listen – – learning breath relaxation is great for performers – the more you practice over days and months the effect is c**ulative!!! Breath relaxation and meditation are important stress reducers – – as are wonderful comedy routines!! Keep your comedy helping the world smile and laugh!!! Wishing you joy!

  3. Colette – So sorry to hear that you have the challenge of anxiety – this is a hard to have to deal with in the short and long run. From Life and clinical experience many find that learning to use the breath – and sticking with it once- if not twice daily and any time one wakes in the night – gives one more and more balance and centering – – as well as more quality of life in other areas. Please support yourself – try to stay with it! We have another more advanced one on this channel – too –

  4. wow love this video.

  5. Thank you. This has really helped with my anxiety. I will use this video on a daily basis now.

  6. So glad to hear that!!! We are hoping that you will continue to practice with your breath – both sitting for five to twenty minutes or more – - daily – which is the key! – and just taking a moment here and there through the day to notice your breath and allow it to deepen. Please check back for more videos as we post them on all areas of life! Best wishes to you!!!

  7. Thank you!!! AS we have the time and money we will post more – FREE – – !! We feel that there are so many who are charging huge money for practices that have been taught for free for so long – -that we want these things available to all – – We hope you take time to practice! You will find great benefits from this! Wishing you joy!

  8. Thank you so much! Breathing should be a favorite for all of us! It is a tool that is free, right here within – – and if we learn to use it by sitting for five, ten, twenty minutes a day – – and we learn to take a moment to deepen our breath during the day – say when the phone rings – when we are stopped in traffic – we find ourselves relaxing, being more calm and centered – – more quality of life! Check back – we will be posting more videos for enhancing the quality of life – -Good Wishes!!

  9. Thank you! We are so glad that you found this helpful. We will be posting more in the future – so check back! Most importantly – learn to follow your breath in assigned times during the day – as well as here and there through the day – – you will find great benefits – – and it is FREE! Wishing you much quality of life – and joy!

  10. Thank you for subscribing! We hope that the videos that we will be posting in the future will be helpful to you - in all areas of your life! Sending wishes for good health and happiness – and many Blessings in your life!!

  11. Sick videos, I subbed!

  12. Hihi, nice video! I would like to see more coming zomfg!

  13. Merci Mille Fois!!! Vous etes tres gentil! My French is not great but I hope that you have found this helpful! I am wishing you joy, love, and light in your life!

  14. a favorite from? me!!!!!

  15. Classe! Compagnon belle vid

  16. Hihi, nice video! I would like to see more coming zomfg!

  17. Ive tested it. 100% working! 

  18. Thank you!!! Please subscribe if you enjoy the work! – LOL!!! Chuck Norris is a super person! His martial arts work often includes breath based relaxation and meditation. I hope that you continue to enjoy these instructions, that you will check back in the future for advanced free instructional videos and guided imagery . . . Wishing you much light, joy and love in your life!!!

  19. Chuck Norris Loves you.

  20. meine nachbarn freuen sich

  21. So glad that you enjoyed!!! I hope as you learn this free practice – learning to appreciate how gentle and easy it is, even in tough times and health crises to follow your breath to bring relaxation – – that you will find more and more quality of life in all areas of your life! Take time for you – – in this and other areas of your life – and you will find it really rewards you with more sense of enjoyment! Wishing you many Blessings!

  22. Thank you!!! I hope you are laughing in delight! Following your breath – – is a gift that you can give to yourself – – five minutes a day – twenty minutes a day – -or like many – twice a day with focusing periodically through the day when you notice your breathing is shallow – – – it will bring you so much quality of life! I am wishing you much goodness and joy!

  23. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn to follow your breath! You will find, if you practice daily, that you will gain health benefits – – and a growing sense of being centered that leads to quality of life . . . your breath is free and a tool that when you use it – will bring enhancement to much of your life!!!! Wishing you much joy and goodness in your life!