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Video : How To Meditate For Children #2: Colour Meditation
Published on June 28, 2013 – 9:04 am

How to Meditate :

Second video in the series on how to meditate directed towards younger viewers. In this video, we learn how to meditate focusing on a colour. Check out the w…

How to Meditate Video :

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  1. Read the reference you said again, it doesn’t say shave. I think trim is the appropriate word.

  2. Also, if the monks were not supposed to shave their beards, then why was the allowance for a shaving set instead of scissors?

  3. Here are some examples in the Nisaggiya Pacittiya where the expression of having something done refers to getting someone else to do something.

    “Whatsoever Bhikkhu shall have his soiled robe washed… by a Bhikkhuni…”

  4. It says not to have the beard cut, but that is different from saying not to cut the beard. In the Vinaya Pitika, whenever it talks about having something done, it is talking specifically about having it done by another person in contrast to doing it by one’s self. For example, the Nisaggiya Pacittiya uses this expression many times to refer to having someone else do something for you. (Cont.)

  5. The link you sent doesn’t say that monks should shave their face completely. It says not to have the beards cut. It even says not to let it grow ‘long’.

    Islam says the same – not to fully shave the face. There is a minimum length of the beard.

  6. You should learn Islam.

  7. It says that the monks shouldn’t remove the hair on their private parts. How unhygienic is this?

    In Islam, Muslims are supposed to shave their armpits and pubic hair. The beard should be kept clean by making sure it is washed five times a day and in such a way that the water touches the skin of the face where the beard grows.

  8. Youtube won’t let me post the link in the comments so I will send the link to you as a private message.

  9. Send the link.

  10. It is in the Culavagga part 5 chapter 27. The Buddha grants permission for monks to keep shaving kits with a razor, sheath, and so on, and lays down the rule that any monk who wears a beard long is guilty of a dukkata offense.

  11. Please send a link to the reference from the Tripitaka of your saying.

    Anyway, a man having a fully shaved face without even a short length of hair makes them look like a woman.

    Do you think that at Buddha’s time they had razors to shave their faces right to the bottom?

  12. The Buddha laid down the rule that monks should shave because it is difficult for an ascetic to take care of their personal hygiene if they don’t have facial hair. Also, it symbolizes giving up worldly attachment.

  13. ha

  14. I loved both your videos on meditation for children. Did you make the meditation video on love yet? Looking forward to it!

  15. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥­♥
    In Islam, there is a meditation or programming/brainwashing of mind called, “salah.” Muslims are supposed to do this “salah” or meditation five times a day.
    Most Muslims offer “salah” whereas most Buddhists do not meditate.
    Most Buddhist spend their time doing idol worship. The Buddha never said to create a statue of him and worship him.
    In Islam, it is prohibited to lead a monastic life, but you can still go to heaven.

  16. h***o,

    Please explain why monks shave their faces?

    Did the Buddha command the monk to fully shave their faces??

    Please explain.

    I know that the Prophets, Adam, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbuta) all had beards.

    My second question is why do so many Buddhist in Sri Lanka spend most of their time doing idol worship, worshiping statues of the Buddha, when they are supposed to spend most of their time meditating???

    The Buddha never said to create a statue of him and worship him!!!!

  17. The next one sounds good, when is it coming?

  18. This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

  19. Thank you! this is brilliant my kids loved

  20. I’m 12 years old and what is this?