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Video : How To Meditate I – What is Meditation
Published on April 19, 2013 – 11:00 pm

How to Meditate :

How To Meditate I - What is Meditation

First (of six) in a series of videos on how to practice meditation without the requirement of religious dogma or spiritual mumbo-jumbo. This video discusses …
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How to Meditate Video :

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  1. He’s too calm to care.

  2. Hi there! I wanted to share with you some free “mindful chair yoga” videos I made. Just click on the logo to go to my youtube channel. If you like the videos, feel free to share them with friends.
    Thanks! Corey 🙂

  3. Search for “The Joy of Living” by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Available in audio-book as well. Changed my life.

  4. He blinks his eyes a lot.

  5. mundane means of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one, aswell as something dull or boring

  6. He’s a pretty cool guy but he used “mundane” wrong twice. I ain’t fucks with that.

  7. Seems like at least I’ve found technique compatible with me.

  8. im so chilled now :3 Thanks!

  9. He has spent a lot of time in other parts of the world, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. That is what Yuttadhammo is saying, yes.

  11. watch Part IV

  12. i was just thinkin bout smoking a bowl and trying this

  13. @mrloferlofer What do you mean by that? Is your comment a reply to another comment? I can’t tell because I’m on my cell phone.

  14. I’ve quit using tobacco and I’m going to try this. At the end of the day, when I’d usually use it, I’ll meditate and if the cravings arise, I’ll focus on the experience of feeling the craving and repeat “craving, craving, craving” to myself as long as it lasts to see the feeling for what it, as its own entity, not something that I am attached to or that I let affect me. And I’ll do this until it goes away. Hopefully with enough practice they’ll occur less and less frequently.

  15. Man, I felt calm watching this video ha