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Video : How to Meditate – Lower Back Posture : How to Meditate
Published on August 26, 2013 – 9:00 pm

How to Meditate :

Getting our lower back into the right posture can really effect our ability to sit comfortably for long periods of time. The are three main reasons for getti…

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  1. Lastly, some people’s legs are just more restricted around the knees. That is, everybody’s body is built different so use these techniques to find what works for you. Also try taking short walking meditation breaks to break up the sitting or simply stretching your leg out every 10 minutes to get the blood flow back through it then returning to posture. Sometimes it can just take some time for your body to adjust, especially if you haven’t sat cross legged for many years. Hope that helps.

  2. … (cont). Tingling can also occur if you are putting to much of your upper body weight down on your legs. That is, you have more of your weight distributed over your knees rather than evenly triangulating and balancing the body’s weight distribution between the knees and bottom. Each should bear equal load. If your bottom is too high or too far forward you’ll tend to put more weight on the knees, thus restricting blood flow. (cont).

  3. Jill, you can find this happening for a few reason. Are you wearing tight pants when sitting? If so, wear looser clothing. For example, jeans will tend to crease in the knee area and restrict blood flow. For other people it can be a case of flexibility as well. That is, if the muscles are tighter then they are more likely to restrict blood flow. For other people, it could also be an adjustment of posture. Try different leg postures to see if one gives more space around the knees … (cont.)

  4. Thanks alot really helpfull 🙂

  5. my feet get pins and needles how can i stop this from happening jill namaste

  6. Thanks, looking forward to trying this as I’ve been sitting flat and having to focus on maintaining posture and dealing with low back pain.

  7. Fantastic, really glad my video helped you.

  8. Thanks, you’re welcome

  9. Back problems have really been holding me back with regular meditation. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed to know!

  10. Thanks mate you are a flashing star!