Secrets To Meditation
Video : How to meditate : Meditation
Published on March 19, 2013 – 5:11 pm

Meditation :

A video over meditation, how to meditate.

Meditation Video :

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  1. Would you turn down an invitation to live in a $15,000,000 Mansion w/ really cool people, young entrepreneurs, regularly hosting events honoring different spiritual ideals? I have live in OVER 40 Countries, studied Martial Arts in China, Ayurveda in India, Mayan Cosmology in Guatemala, Permaculture in Peru. I have had true and unforgettable experiences of love. Please feel free to enjoy the above teaching that takes place in a story of how I went from living in a dessert ghetto 2 this in 6months

  2. “farceadentus” is totally right. just something to add what helps me is put on some really relaxing music. just throwing it out there

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  4. 1 time i had no thoughts or breath but this only happened 1 time and i can never get to this stage again and when i was in it i thought wait a second im not breathing then i started to breath and think again

  5. thanks Dan!

  6. It’s all practice, do leg stretches several times a week until you can sit in that position comfortably. Then it’s just a matter of sitting like that from time to time. For me lotus position is the most comfortable way to sit. You can do it for sure man, just don’t give up!

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  9. So who else looked up “How to Meditate?”

  10. this is the best video about meditation i have seen…

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  15. thanks but i want to sit like that. i guess i just have a weak lower back so i’m doing some workouts to help with that and i can already feel some improvements!

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