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Video : How To Meditate VI – Meditation Practice and Daily Life
Published on June 1, 2013 – 11:04 am

How to Meditate :

How To Meditate VI - Meditation Practice and Daily Life

Sixth (of six) in a series of videos on how to practice meditation without the requirement of religious dogma or spiritual mumbo-jumbo. This video discusses …

How to Meditate Video :

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  1. This has helped me so much thank you.

  2. I’m not quite sure about always using words in your mind. Isn’t it more powerful if you can fully feel it without putting a word on it? Because if you always put words on things they imitate the way you can think in a frame… Isn’t it better to try to meditate with feeling? Like if you want to feel at peace just try to include the concept without the word… I don’t know if I was clear enough to be understood?

  3. Where the he’ll did you find those places to get in

  4. You’re right.

  5. Well, you will understand better when you go deeper into buddhism. That’s just my own opinon. I didn’t say cannabis is really bad, it doesn’t hurt anyone anyway but the main problem is that some people cling to it. Well then I think they won’t be able to go without. But that’s my opinon, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong.

  6. not going to reply.
    tired of ignorant people.
    cannabis has thousands of benefits and it’s a spiritual tool, which is also used for recreational use and ill leave it at that. if you can’t accept that then i feel sorry for you. dont reply.

  7. lmao…
    look up terence mckenna.
    joe rogan.
    carl sagan.
    dennis mckenna
    etc… psychedelics are a tool.

  8. We are all beginners.

  9. Okey, just pretend your mind is a fast moving car. When the fuel is low, you need to refil it which mean you should eat and drink good every day. That keeps the car moving. But sometimes the road are full of obstacles and fog in the air, preventing you to focus properly on you path. That’s why u need to meditate, to clear you mind to be able to get on the right road. And marijuana, just like candies shops beside the road, it’s pleasure for a moment, but it make you drive slower or perhaps stop.

  10. exactly.

  11. I actually consent to this. you can approach meditation from various and numerous angels. Meditation can work just fine if your initial meditation start-point is not set from a buddhistic view. Since dawn of man the indiginous people has used psychedelics and meditation as a spiritual gateway – giving insight, spiritual awarenes and self-understanding. I do however acknowledge that mastering meditation can take you to the same “spirit world” without use of psychedelic substances

  12. I would like to share with you a question that arose in my mind. Using your meditation technique, while simply observing the present moment as the sensory function of listening or seeing, do you keep your mind from the actual experience of what is for the sake of mindfulness? Or do you also focus on experiences such as the sound of a stream, a sunrise, a flower’s fragrance and colors, cool rain on your skin, and so on?
    I am grateful for the efforts you have put forth to help others. Thank You.

  13. lol get over your self.

  14. This is called ignorance . Good luck !

  15. He is conveying the Buddhist meditation which of course incorporates many Buddhist belief. you’re in YT which everyone is entitled to broadcast themselves as they wish so like it or leave it !

  16. looooooool.

    you give good advice but you can’t speak for everyone.. i mean come on. psychedelics and cannabis are a tool. you use them how ever you want. i find many people use cannabis for meditation. and in this video these are your personal beliefs..which have nothing to do with meditation. these are your rules to life.

  17. Thank you very much!!

  18. So the natural state of our mind is clarity and purity? Do you mean that we are just more focused and aware of the present moment when our mind is in its natural state? How would we know if we attained it? would we are more at peace with ourselves and our world? Sorry, to ask so many questions, but just wanted to clarify the meaning. Thanks!