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Published on May 23, 2013 – 11:05 pm

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Free online guided mediitation Introduction video by Sadhguru:- To learn the Full kriya yoga meditation please vis…

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  1. I bow in respect. I have always maintained a reincarnate should id himself rather than a tradition especially in these times. So, fortunate to hear, see and learn from Sadhguru. I await your personal blessing.

  2. This worries me too. But what he’s saying has weight. I’m confused in the way it’s being portrayed. Also, his message is nearly word to word the same as I’ve seen in his MIT talks. I don’t really understand why this is the case.

  3. Grate video thank you for uploading it

  4. Please watch youtube videos on what Baba Ramdev has to say about Sadhguru!!

  5. Mr. Prarik, As far as what i know, the same Isha yoga is taught for free in the villages. The fees that they otherwise charge from urban people is used for imparting free education to rural childrean, free rural health checkup, free food in the ashram, planting millions of trees in tamilnadu, and ofcourse for settinig up the environment for each class. Ofcourse, Baba Ramdev is an excellant Guru to learn Yoga as well…But it is wrong to compare these people…

  6. I hope my path in life takes me to see Sadhguru and maybe learn.

  7. Is it not disturbing for anyone here how this whole episode is exactly like a TV-shop advertis****t? He talks about what he talks about, and there are some people who have tried the “product” thrown in to substantiate the benefits of the product advertised.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m convinced that he’s genuine and not a fraud, but still, when it comes to spirituality, yoga, etc., I have a hard time accepting that such marketing strategy (or pomp and circ**stance) is necessary.

  8. For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  9. Thanks! I need to create a particular playlist of Sadhguru’s meditation videos and for this I need your help. If you can help, please email me and I will let you know what could be done, Pranams.

  10. Is he levitting on 2:52?

  11. Dude your doing a great job putting all of Sadhguru’s video in a sort of organized way, I love it, I’ve been into Sadhguru for 4yrs now, but got seriously into his kriya in May 12′ and then went to IE last October in Detroit, so awesome:) I share all of his vids on my FB to all my friends, and those that have started the practice have said it works great, keep up the sharing it’s awesome:) James

  12. Please can you contact Isha foundation (because this is a personal channel explaining about the benefits I had on isha yoga) if you have interest in inviting Sadhuru to Denmark