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Video : Is Your Spirit Ready:Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters
Published on April 2, 2013 – 5:09 pm

Spiritual Lessons :

Is Your Spirit Ready:Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters

Reading a passage from the book entitled Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters by Natasha Munson This is the first reading but I intend to read a passage a day be…

Spiritual Lessons Video :

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  1. So truthful & inspirational! You are letting Him use you (annoined vessel) ­čÖé I thank you for being obedient. This has been a blessing to me..Keep the faith, I will check in often to´╗┐ hear more! I plan to get the book for me & my daughters.
    With Love~

  2. You’re welcome. Keep rising!!´╗┐

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us! I will probably order myself a´╗┐ copy. God Bless!

  4. Thank you Jelly.´╗┐ It’s such a good book, I couldn’t keep it to myself.

  5. you are beautiful inside and out how gracious of you to share this, thank you and continue´╗┐ to be blessed

  6. Thanks for watching´╗┐ and sharing with me:) This book is so powerful for me. Maybe, it’s because I’m on the move climbing to a higher purpose and everything I’m drawing to myself are those things that are like that. Making me dream and hope in my goals…nothing is impossible with God. Thanks about the hat:)

  7. I’m trying to´╗┐ livemybestlife!:) Hey Girl, God bless and keep you!

  8. Thanks for sharing those nuggets, by the way, the hat´╗┐ is a cute look.. love, DD

  9. Thanks for this reading and´╗┐ this encouragement!

  10. I’m´╗┐ so glad it was a blessing to you, stay tuned for more!

  11. Thanks a million for watching and supporting!´╗┐ I’ll have another reading today-this book is soo good!

  12. Good for you!!!!! Doing things like this take much courage so´╗┐ I applaud you and celebrate your new you because it is new! And when you feel weak and like going back or giving in to your desires, just think about the reasons why you left the first time. I promise you, they haven’t changed. Listen to your spirit-it won’t trick you….
    Thanks lisajoy

  13. You’re welcome. It’s a fantastic´╗┐ book with a wealth of useful and practical advice. You are beatufiul!!!!!!!! Thank you for supporting.