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Video : Jon Kabat Zinn Breathscape Guided Meditation : Meditation Breathing
Published on July 13, 2013 – 5:12 am

Meditation Breathing :

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series 3 part 1 I hope you guys like those meditation sessions, it does not matter what beliefs you hold, meditation has been p…

Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. It’s very good. I like to do it every day

  2. Very nice video.
    For STEP by STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  3. Perfect for where I am. Thank you.

  4. Personally, one of favourites at this moment in time. Unlike some of the guided body scans by John, here he allows longer gaps of silence, which for me were timed just about right for my current progress

  5. Not Kabat Zinn’s best guided meditation. Found it to be too wordy to allow for my sustained concentration. More like a lecture than a guided meditation.

  6. Not his best guided meditation:” much too wordy–sounds more like a lecture on breathing than a guided meditation. Hard to concentrate on breathing when he must give every detail about how we must do that.

  7. For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  8. Like it, jon kabat does a great job