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Video : Massenet “Meditation” from Thais, Yo-Yo Ma
Published on July 26, 2013 – 12:05 am

Meditation :

Massenet “Meditation” from Thais/Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott Audio.
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Meditation Video :

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  1. Bellísima como su nombre pues así nombré a mi hijita.

  2. Ta-ees. In french you will write it Thaïs, and NOT Thais

  3. so poignant, straight to the heart

  4. am I having this at my funeral or what,ca’nt wait

  5. Stupenda! Cosa dire di più?

  6. hermoso!

  7. Splendide lorsque joué au violon mais sublime joué par Yo-Yo Ma au violoncelle. Wonderful when this musical piece is played by a violinist but sublime played by Yo-Yo Ma at the cello.

  8. Class, absolute class.

  9. This is so gorgeous, and just brings a peace deep within one’s soul when you hear it.
    It is hard to find words to describe its beauty!

  10. Classical music IS true music.

  11. Linda está música…

  12. I can understand your choice, it is really calming, but what do you think about this: Danse Macabre 2010(Saint – Saens) – this is my medicine?

  13. When I hear this, I wonder: how much more beautiful music we can compose! But, only future will show us that.

  14. I sat in my car as my daughter went to a candlelight vigil. A the height of this song the mourners released small hot air balloons. The wind picked them up and lifted them high above the trees. It’s as though the balloons danced as they flew away. It was sublime, perfect.

  15. This is so chill :p

  16. I played this piece on saxophone for my final exam 🙂 It’s uh-mazing!

  17. Definitely the most peaceful piece of music. Whenever I listen to it I say to myself “man, there’s certainly something bothering you so you’re taking your ultimate medicine”.

  18. Oh, what a wonderful story you’ve shared with us! I’m 25, and I walked down the aisle to this composition 1.5 years ago on my wedding day. I guess I am a “young bird,” by your standards. 🙂 This music will forever have a very significant place in my heart, as well. I can’t wait to tell my children someday that this is what played while I was given away by their grandpoppy. Sweet, sweet memories! Be blessed, Babaipe!

  19. My father used to listen to this so everytime I’m hearing this, I still cry a bit.

  20. i do! 🙂 i love them and this piece! <3