Secrets To Meditation
Video : Meditation: 10 Tips on How to Do It and 5 Reasons Why You Should! : How to Meditate
Published on July 16, 2013 – 7:03 pm

How to Meditate :

Meditation. If you believe leading research scientists, it’s as close to a magic pill as we can get! Let’s take a quick look at 5 reasons why meditation is a…
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How to Meditate Video :

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  1. In fact it is possible to stop the thoughts for quite lenghty periods of time.
    And it feels amazing! It’s like a refresh and reboot.

  2. This was so helpful. Thank you very much.

  3. Awesome video, Brian! Can you talk a little more about mantras?

  4. jokes aside this video is really helpful 🙂

  5. he’s lucky i cant read other peoples hand writing or else the beginning would have spoiled it

  6. A really fantastic presentation Brian. It really proves how meditation has worked for you. Your thoughts seems very well organized! I find that the ancient Vedic mantras to be very powerful if people are looking for strong mantras. Today’s science still seems way behind what the Vedas already knew.

  7. I thought I heard “oh wow!” OH WELL!!!

  8. How long should your meditation be? And can you use guided meditation audio?

  9. I’ve been meditating for about a couple months now, but 1. on why really confused me, until I thought, I’m not motivated. now I have a goal to what I thought would be a boring summer, I’m also 15. so, thanks

  10. I tried this on the off chance that it might work. I didn’t doubt the fact that the process of meditation was potentially beneficial . I honestly was taken aback from the first moment I tried it! It is like hitting the reset b***on and cleansing the brain. Thanks for sharing. 2 days in and sticking with this one for good.

  11. Eat healthy and exercise. I know for a fact that can help your dna become stronger and live longer by making telomeres in your dna stronger in a sense. I am sure meditation will help as well, but eating and exercising is definitely key in having healthier DNA.

  12. So can meditation actually repair DNA? I have a genetic condition from birth andhave been seeking natural wayso repair it. I’m new to meditation and have only done it twice. Is amazing what happened during the meditation I did.

  13. yes you did inspired me man, I do meditation in an on off manner, and you did convince me to commit and I will comment once again next month about how I continued to acknowledge my commitment and your inspiration on me, thanks a bunch dude!

  14. For me it’s Dynamic Aquatic Meditation – ” SWIMMING ” Laps after Laps Non-stop for TWO Hours Daily !…It’s Simply DIVINE !!…Try it !