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Video : Meditation Music for Increased Creativity {Alpha And Theta Waves} : Meditation
Published on April 4, 2013 – 11:19 am

Meditation :

Meditation Music for Increased Creativity {Alpha And Theta Waves}

Increase Creativity Meditation Music {Alpha And Theta Waves}

Meditation Video :

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  1. :D

  2. it’s not bad. Those tones are alpha waves, in alpha our brains could be more efectivity in education, more creatived and more focused.

  3. That was the most productive 55 min-s of my life. it works !! THANK YOU 😀

  4. same i was having mini dreams aswell ive 4gotten them tho gutted hay this could of been clairvision!

  5. Can’t tell if I fell asleep, or if I was just really deep in meditation.

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  7. first time i’ve listened to music like this…
    my brain is Hot
    Is that right?

  8. sort of relaxation to the mind

  9. me too. i have so many things in my mind!

  10. It stimulated my beta waves. Am I doing something wrong?

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  12. sometimes it cleanses dirty energies within your system.
    its the stuff coming out. let it come out.

  13. W-W-W = 666

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  14. ja ~ dein noch schlafendes kranksein wurde geweckt ~ nun brauchst du dich nur noch erinnern was dich krank machte ~ mit dieser musik lass dich sinken und im Dunkeln taucht dann die Situation auf in der du gekraenkt wurdest

  15. I don’t know when it happens, but i fall asleep every time! It sounds better when you listen to it with earbuds in.