Secrets To Meditation
Video : Meditation to Music (Version Zero)
Published on August 28, 2013 – 7:03 am

Meditation Music :

Rhythms and ambiance at 60 beats per minute (one beat per second). Music and Film by Joe Grahame.

Meditation Music Video :

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  1. Never heard of Sunn O))) before, but checking out “It Took The Night To Believe” this very moment. Quite an experience! Peace and happiness to the Drone Metal meditators.

  2. I meditate to Sunn O))) and other Drone Metal calms me..

  3. Obrazy i muzyka się ze sobą kłócą.Brak harmonii.Szybkie ujęcia wywołują dyskomfort.Muzyka go pogłębia.

  4. The only Divine realm of love that exists outside of this earth is Heaven. Anything else you have been told is untrue. The reality is that Satan is pulling all those unsuspecting and superstitious souls into the darkness of h*** with him and all the fallen angels in the name of false love. Please remember that true love, can only come from God, the Eternal Father. New Age spiritualism will bring you so close to Satan that beyond a certain point there will be no return.

  5. There’s no crackling in the audio file, but it’s been mastered for very big speakers, so the sound may produce crackling when played on some smaller systems. If you have a graphic equaliser on your player, maybe turn down the bass, which could be too intense for your speakers. Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!

  6. Interesting you notice that instrument. It’s a middle eastern “oud”, courtesy of GarageBand, with lots of echo and a little overtone/harmonic chanting in the background. The album was an experiment, and I’m glad you love it. Thank you for enjoying!

  7. does anybody know what the instrument around 8:20 is called? i love how it sounds so much! i love this whole thing too! thanks!!!

  8. Is there any way I can get this song from you in better quality? its really crackly on my speakers and I want to use it for a yoga class 🙂 lemme know!

  9. Thank you. Pleased it’s is providing some tranquility. The new version is Meditation to Music (Primrose Hill), linked above.

    The version I uploaded on 29th February had a mistake in it, so the actual upload date is 1st March. Sorry for the delay, but hope you had a good leap year day anyway. (I was stuck in front of the computer trying to get it finished!)

  10. Thank you

  11. Love it

  12. The Free Mind Experience is not finished yet, but I borrowed 39 seconds of it for the start of this album. Most of my work exists only as unfinished files, demo CDs and DAT tapes gathering dust, but it’s all coming out of hibernation now. Will keep you posted. Nice production on your tracks, DarkD. Advanced elektro and radical beats.

  13. ,  The “Free Mind Experience” name not found :S

  14. The first 39 seconds of music is from the “Free Mind Experience”, a psycho-acoustic project I started in 2002, but never got around to finishing. The second track is called “Intromental Steel Drum” and the third is called “Intromental Orchestra”. The finished version of this album is nearly ready, and I hope you’re going to love it. Peace and inspiration to you.

  15. what the first music name? ( Mi az első szám címe? 😀 )

  16. Thank you