Secrets To Meditation
Video : Meditation (Zen Music)
Published on March 23, 2013 – 5:10 am

Meditation Music :

Meditation (Zen Music)

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Meditation Music Video :

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  1. So you see a rapist as a rapist and a chaste man as a chaste man without any difference?

  2. Well, you wrote “The first sentence is YOU’RE opinion” yet you judge other people’s grammar?

  3. You used the word “And” after a comma. HYPOCRITE! LETS ALL GATHER ROUND AND POKE FUN….Wait, thats right! We aren’t such low, insignificant beings whom do not have the intelligence to shut the fuck up and realise, Us complaining, won’t change anything. My complaint won’t change your comment, which you posted with “and” after a comma, and your complaints won’t do s*** about silverback’s comment. Let that sink in.

  4. Esse é um possível caminho para a eterna beleza!

  5. when you concentrate hard enough on a thing (meditate) the part of your brain that lets you feel the border of your body becomes inactive and therefore you feel unity with everything, you feel endless, infinite. so its possible to experience this infinity, with practice i guess.

  6. It is very bad. Almost everyone would agree. But there are a few people who believe that it’s okay, and so for them rape is not a bad thing. From when you are young, if you are taught rape is okay, then you’ll believe that it is.
    Before thinking everything is as it is. Then we make up names for things, label them, call them good or bad. But fundamentally they are neither good or bad.
    Like you said. “See the thing as it is”. This is before thinking. Before thinking there is neither good or bad

  7. “Nothing is either difficult or easy, good or bad”

    Rape is not bad?

  8. That’s right 🙂
    Difficult and easy are dualistic though. Zen is neither difficult nor easy. Nothing is either difficult or easy, good or bad.
    The bird flys in the sky. The fish swims in the sea. 🙂

  9. Pope Pius XII blessed Mussolini during the war.Americans were also worshiping the same God.Britishers also the same God.

    Japan was also at war but no zen master blessed the Japanese emperor Hirohito.Zen ignores the useless.There is a zen saying

    “Embrace nothing.If you meet the Buddha,kill the Buddha.If you meet your father kill your father.Only live your life as it is,not bound to anything or anyone”

    Zen is one of the most radical paths on earth.It’s like Aghora but of a different style.

  10. “Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself” Lao tzu

    This is what Buddha tried to achieve.Sit quietly and desire nothing.It took him years to be free of every desire.When he was free from desires,then for the first time he saw the world as it is.Mahavira who was also born around almost the same time as Buddha had to struggle for years for experiencing this.

    The thing is the same.Stop projecting anything towards anyone or anything.See the thing as it is.

  11. I’s good

  12. If you don’t make difficult or easy then Zen is only as it is. Nothing at all. Only …..
    “Spring comes and grass grows by itself.”

  13. It is possible. Don`t loose your hope, it takes years to experience infinity. Practice leads to the master. Patience my friend.

  14. Ive tried meditating to all types of music,they are relaxing. Ive tried meditating to binaural beats,shaman drums.Been there done that.For me – meditation is overrated. Period.Because it promises too much.If it would stay with-that it calms your mind – and thats it,I wouldent say its overrated.But instead you hear you get `this and that, you find yourself, your center, your inner core,meditation is the path to yourself, eternity, empty.` Have any of you experienced infinity? Or just imagination.