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Video : Minnesota – Yoga Pants : Yoga
Published on August 16, 2013 – 6:00 am

Yoga :

Minnesota - Yoga Pants

Minnesota – Yoga Pants “Yoga Pants” from Minnesota’s EP “Altered States”, grab the download below! Support Minnesota! Sound Cloud:…

Yoga Video :

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  2. Some people…I enjoy the music posted. I have yet to hear a song I didn’t like. Keep it up. I kill zombies, throw parties, and sometimes get fucked up and chill to your music. Let haters hate but do what you do!

  3. Very sorry about this, you’re the first person who has spoken out to this issue. Although, we have already taken this into account and will be removed in our future uploads! =3

  4. that fucking thing you put at the begin fucking fucks everything up.

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