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Video : musique zen-meditation-relaxation
Published on May 16, 2013 – 11:10 am

Meditation :

Musique zen de relaxation ,de détente et de yoga . Pour une relaxation dans le bain comme dans la voiture . (cette musique est un mix de musique déjà existan…

Meditation Video :

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  1. Merci

  2. thanks fore thise music it,s make me relax fore a some time

  3. merci, super..;)

  4. Thank you

  5. vell

  6. Miren -> goo.glyyn84

  7. Génial pour travailler, cette musique apaise sans déconcentrer. Merci

  8. E ótimo para praticar yoga.

  9. For STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to meditate visit my channel. 🙂

  10. dolphin dolphin

  11. Exelent 🙂

  12. x**x**x**x**x**x**x**x**x**x**x**X
    Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non — invasive mode of alternative healing which employs the use of your subconscious mind while it is in a relaxed state. And we love this relaxed mental state just as every day we are daydreaming, staring out the window, driving a car or just watching birds flying by for example.

  13. Agradável para relaxamento e para harmonizar o ambiente com aspecto das matas e pássaros da floresta que amamos tanto e tão bem nos faz.

  14. To piękny utwór a przesłała mnie go przyjaciółka Pani Gabriella-jasnowidz-medium.Chciałbym go zachować na mojej stronie i jej podobne Zdzisław1100

  15. Esto es una caricia para el alma…que aspira levitar….gracias.

  16. i ended up falling asleep, i only came in for a lunch break from the woods!


  18. gerçekten rahatlatıcı müzik

  19. harmony

  20. Musica per trattamento Reiki..

  21. Great video