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Video : OSHO: Meditation Is Not for the Suffering Type
Published on July 31, 2013 – 2:09 pm

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OSHO: Meditation Is Not for the Suffering Type An OSHO Talk on the challenges and merits of meditation. “When you are feeling joyous, this is the time to com…
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  1. Well said

  2. Rene Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.”

    However when I stop thinking, I still am. Therefore, I am not my thoughts.

  3. lol

  4. what do you understand by yourself? Do you identify yourself by your thoughts?

  5. so wise dear osho

  6. When you’re yourself you can meditate. If you can not enjoy when you’re alone, it means that you almost can not enjoy anything.

    And.. yeah.. the brain.. which is given by the society.. it can be stupid. It’s stupid, unless if you can irradiation.

  7. Nonsense, there is no possibility of being “connected” to yourself when you are yourself. The brain isn’t universally stupid, ah osho how funny you are.

  8. i guess he means this: when you are not connected to yourself and the universe you can listen to the brain’s stupidity, when you are blessed you can’t

  9. maybe stop searching…just follow what your intuition and heart tells you and youll start to discover likeminded people are all around you!
    school is not for everyone, speaking from personal experience. the world and universe has a lot to teach us too. let yourself be scared! as Osho puts it best, “risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive.” so maybe its time to free your mind and take a risk?

  10. La traduzione in Italiano si riferisce a un’altro video non a questo sicuramente!!!

  11. vipassana is good way to start … but if you really need to find a teacher.. then consider visiting a tibetian meditation centre or a dharma centre… tht might help you..

  12. Please; Where can I find people like this?

    I am going to college in Canada, I can’t stand it. I know there is more to life but I only feel it when I am free. I am scared to be free.

    The only thing that drives me is that pursuit of spiritual and self-discovery.

    Please, answer my call for disconnectedness.

  13. You just sit silently and passively observe the content of your mind until you eventually reach a state of stillness and serenity like the pure awareness upon awakening from deep, peaceful, dreamless sleep.

  14. d*** i love the music to this videos

  15. Thats’ one u have to find yourself out 🙂

  16. I do: sit.

  17. true….