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Video : Prenatal Yoga – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP134
Published on April 4, 2013 – 9:08 am

Yoga :

A very pregnant Xiaxue tries out prenatal yoga and gets in some awkward positions! Visit our channel for more videos Websit…

Yoga Video :

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  1. omg hahahah his look at the end… he’s like “she’s fucking crazy”

  2. It’ll be interesting to see her delivery Guide To Life video!

  3. why <.

  4. how is this commented posted 1 month ago

  5. HAHAHAHA i laughed so hard at the instructor’s b***erfly stroke HAHAHHAHA

  6. Duhh. Her armpits are dark because she’s pregnant. The neck, armpits, side thighs, and those that have main joints get dark when you’re pregnant. But eventually, it won’t last long until she give birth. Get that right. -_-

  7. rice rant XDwhahahaha actually read about it on her twitter 😛

  8. thats not armpit hair ! just some pigmentation after n times of plucking and shaving lol

  9. Why I am laughing so hard? Especially the rice part.

  10. Hahah she didn’t shave the studs off.

  11. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with dying your hair during pregnancy. Get a life.

  12. nobody wants a Kim kardashian pregnancy

  13. she is 8 months pregnant looks like only just swallowed a big bean that’s it nothing else

  14. People not armpit hair it’s just like after u shave the hair bits(?) is still there

  15. nice boobs

  16. Why is a man teaching prenatal yoga??? He can never understand pregnancy

  17. Is that underarm hair???!!! OMG

  18. Shes got armpit hair…

  19. It’s not dangerous.

  20. She had her baby, Dashiel.  He looks SO much like her. 🙂