Secrets To Meditation
Video : Qigong Beginning Exercises : Qigong Breathing Exercises
Published on July 26, 2013 – 8:10 am

Meditation Breathing :

Breathing and meditation is one of the most relaxing exercises for all ages. Learn how to breathe and meditate in Qigong with this free video from a Qigong i…
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Meditation Breathing Video :

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  1. SUPERBB!!!! Thanks!

  2. I practice Qigong and Neigong, but no you’re right. I do not post videos on youtube. However, I have seen instructional videos much better than this one here already. Just search a bit more.

  3. I don’t see you doing better on youtube. you teach me then

  4. @nrsnuzq your right anxiety can be totally debilitating. have a look at this guy he is famous for helping people beat panic attacks >

  5. hand placement does matter mate

  6. you´re right, it is right hand over left for men, and left hand over right, for women, my teacher says that you can put the left hand over the right, when it´s a full moon, and you want to channel the YIN energy, being that YANG energy is already high, in a full moon..

  7. You are true and it makes a huge difference.. these hands position called Mudra and it activate your energy channel .. This guy doesnt even know these basic rules..he keep saying : it doesn’t matter and do it in your own way but please somebody tell him IT DOES MATTER i**** ! if you dont know what you are talking about please keep your mouth shut

  8. I thought it was right hand over left hand for men. I don’t know if it makes a difference.

  9. My girlfriend said that the half lotus position is her favorite.

  10. get on with it too much jibba jabba

  11. Stuff like this makes youtube a gift . .

  12. now do it in the full lotus

  13. about 30 seconds of breathing information … geez

  14. to much introduction.

  15. That depends on what’s wrong with your stomach.

  16. hi i would like to know if the Qigong can help me to control my mind so that i can control my stomac

  17. Thanks, very nice!

  18. i like this video love it