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Video : Reiki for Astral Travel/Astral Projection
Published on July 31, 2013 – 4:00 pm

Reiki :

Reiki for Astral Travel/Astral Projection

This video from Lourdes assists those who wish to embark on an astral journey. This video is meant to be used in conjunction with Reiki for Increasing Psychi…

Reiki Video :

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  1. You are welcome!

  2. Many loving thanks from Germany

  3. Thank you : )

  4. A most relaxing and comforting energy to ease you gently and safely through the portal.

  5. Hi Frank, I don’t have one on my list for Releasing Judgement, but until then, you can use Reiki for Releasing What No Longer Serves You. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I don’t have many astral projection stories, but I have friends who do and that is why this video got made 🙂