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Video : Reiki Full body 26 points with 3min bell alert : Reiki
Published on July 13, 2013 – 11:01 pm

Reiki :

Reiki Full Body Healing for 26 points along with Reiki Pray & the Five Reiki Principles. along with healing music Om & 3 minute alert bell sound. (Inspired b…

Reiki Video :

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  1. Dear Dnyanesh, I think the music is simply PERFECT for a Reiki session. I am fed up with that New Age kind of stuff that is said to be Reiki music.
    This Om chant helps a lot to achieve the bamboo cane state of mind in which the void within is the channel for the Ki. Thanks so much.

  2. Jai Gurudev!

  3. for the music I am searching one more effective mediation music for same type of video specially for smartphone.

  4. Thanks Vinay for your feedback your Ideas always main motive to introduce this video is to help those reiki practitioners who have just stared their course in 1st Degree. Also before learning Reiki from Reiki Vidya Niketan I had done 1st degree from some where else & there I was told only about 7 chakras.It is in Reiki Vidya Niketan they really guided me perfectly & taught me about 26 points. But as I told u I have done only 1st degree so I don’t have the right to say more on Reiki.

  5. Nice attempt Dnyanesh… couple of comments (please take it positively).

    1. The music that we have at Reiki Vidya Niketan is more natural as compared to the monotonous sound in the video. This may be because I am already used to it.
    2. The alert bell is also very faint.
    3. Since its a video, we can have live people taking reiki rather than the pictures. If you are interested, then I can help you in that. I have couple of ideas and Guruji was also thinking of making similar video.

  6. those who studied reki they dont want to watch this video and do the same thing which they already learned….i dont think anyone can forgot the points and the order of taking reki…..and those who dont know about reki what can they learn from this video….better do one thing,before the points give the introduction and benefits of Reki After that explain about the points through this video…Thanks Jay Guru Dev…Nice thinking and well job