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Video : Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others
Published on April 19, 2013 – 8:10 am

Reiki :

William Lee Rand demonstrates hand positions for treating others. This is a video excerpt from The Reiki Touch Kit, available at
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Reiki Video :

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  1. People, Stop this demonic Masquerade… Yoga is demonic, Reiki is demonic, Meditation is demonic, stop this Circus ! Open your life to JESUS CHRIST, start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved ! JESUS CHRIST SAVES – GET SAVED NOW

  2. if you hate pseudoscience, why did you vote for obama?

  3. sounds like quantum mechanics issue. One can only believe it exists at that point because one has seen it.

  4. Love is an emotion. Therefore, it is by definition a subjective experience. Subjective experiences can be proven to exist as long as they are believed to exist by an observer.

    Practitioners of Reiki assert that their practices have an objective effect on the physical world. This must be measured in order to be proven to be true.

  5. So then you don’t believe in love ?

  6. Sorry – never saw this comment. It was cervical and I a family practitioner, and  2 obstetrician gynecologists diagnosed & sent me to a prestigious University/hospital in NH which has an oncology clinic. That’s where I was told to abort the fetus and have a radical hysterectomy. I used anywhere only, self-hypnosis, meditation, Pau D’Arco, Chaparral sound etc,lots of dialogue with my Source, The baby is now 30, and has a younger brother who is 28 !!!
    One can heal without drugs and chemicals.

  7. Just a heads up placing your hands on someone will not heal them. Reiki is a system requiring relaxation, trance, energy work, etc. It takes more than a simple prayer and placing of hands.

  8. “reiki guides itself and knows where to go and what to treat”
    That magic, sprinkled with confirmation bias and a fee, will keep this charlatan in ugly orange shirts for a long time. Piffle. Pseudoscience.

  9. the video or your comment?

  10. and see what answer you get

  11. funny i did not hear this guy say reiki can cure cancer or that it was the magical cure for everything if that woman did not have the comman sense to not only take chemotherapy instead but also not do her own research about what reiki really is for then that is her problem and if you think i am being apolegetic or any b******* excuse you come up with to her defence try this go to a reiki master and say you have cancer and ask him if you should take chemotherapy instead

  12. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe. This cultivation system is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. Tens of thousands died from torture.


  13. Mr. Rand. Do you believe in that little piece of stone found (in the 50’s or 60’s) by our archeologists in Egypt (back in the day of the Amenophis kings 1600 B.C.) saying : “PUT UR HAND ON THE WOUND (NOT ON A CHAKRAS), & IT WILL HEAL” ? What do you think of that ??

  14. Prove it. That’s all I have to say.
    Prove it, measure it, explain it.
    If you can’t, I don’t believe you.

  15. I’ve worked in two hospitals and I’ve had reiki treatments. I’d rather have a reiki treatment than be a patient in a hospital any day.

  16. No matter who they are, don’t call them i****s. 🙂 Keep the Love flowing..

  17. Such b*******.

  18. Reiki Videos!




  19. Hi torchbear, sad to hear such a thing. Can I please know what kind of cancer you had and if the babywas ok?